Thursday, 2 November 2017

Update on the book series I read

Goodness, time flies. It's well over 2 years since I updated my list of the series I read, June 2015. I thought it was last year! I always find it an interesting exercise. Some of the series I knocked off as I no longer have any interest in them, a few new ones have been added etc. Plus it's always fascinating to see which series I like to keep fairly up to date with and which ones I haven't touched in a couple of years but still want to read... at least... I think I do. Sometimes I fancy I kid myself. I also fine these posts serve to remind me of these neglected series and spur me on to to catch up with them. I'm missing Flacia de Luce for instance, I'm 3 books behind with that series. Kate Burkholder, the Reverand Clare Fergusson, Kate Shugak in Alaska... though I did read one of hers in January. I need to pull my finger out. Perhaps I should make 2018 'The Year of Catching up on My Book Series'. It's a thought.

Crime - modern and historical:

Charlie Parker - John Connolly - (read 11... up to book 12)
Matthew Shardlake – C.J. Sansom (read 3)
Flavia de Luce - Alan Bradley (read 6)
Daisy Dalrymple - Carola Dunn (read 21)
Rizzoli and Isles - Tess Gerritsen (read 8)
Ruth Galloway - Elly Griffiths (read 9)
Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes – Laurie R. King (read 5)
The Lewis trilogy - Peter May (read 2)
Lord Peter Wimsey - (read 6)
Gordianus the Finder - Steven Saylor (read 2)
Medicus - Ruth Downie (read 2)
Kate Burkholder - Linda Castillo (read 2)
Reverand Clare Fergusson - Julia Spencer-Fleming (read 3)
Temperance Brennan - Kathy Reichs (read 2)
No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency - A. McCall-Smith (read 11)
Kate Shugak - Dana Stabenow (read 9)
Sea Detective - Mark Douglas Home (read 2)
Hannah Scarlett - Martin Edwards (read 6)
Jacquot - Martin O'Brien (read 5)
Armande Gamache - Louise Penny (read 6)
Enzo McLeod - Peter May (read 2)
Inspector Wexford - Ruth Rendall (read 2)
Comm. Adamsberg - Fred Vargas (Read books 1, 2, 4 and 9)
Dark Iceland - Ragnar Jónasson (Read 1)
Bruno, Chief of Police - Martin Walker (Read 2)

Sci Fi, Fantasy and horror - both adult and young adult:

Mercy Thompson - Patricia Briggs (read 6)
Jackelian - Stephen Hunt (read 2)
Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch (read 4)
Liveship Trader - Robin Hobb (read 1)
Astreiant - Melissa Scott - (read 2 1/2)
Hyperion - Dan Simmons (read 1)
Lady Trent - Marie Brennan (read 3)
Cloud Roads - Martha Wells (read 1)
St. Marys - Jodi Taylor (read 1)


Barsetshire - Angela Thirkell - (read 5)
The Little House series – Laura Ingalls Wilder (read 5 up to book 6)
The Barchester Chronicles - Anthony Trollope (read 2)

Series I want to read: (mainly fantasy)

The Wit’ch series – James Clemens
Alpha and Omega - Patricia Briggs
Starborn - Lucy Hounsom
The Tawny Man trilogy – Robin Hobb

The Coldfire trilogy – Celia Friedman
The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy – Guy Gavriel Kay
The Gardella Vampire Chronicles – Colleen Gleason
Swordspoint - Ellen Kushner

I wrote this 2 years ago:

I think what this post underlines more than anything is how much my reading tastes have switched from fantasy/horror to crime. I still read the former but am much more into crime stories these days, especially vintage and historical it would seem. And that's fine. Things change and I always believe in going with the flow.

Basically that still applies. I've become a serious crime fic reader, with a definite bent towards vintage crime and anything set overseas, especially the USA or France. I also seem to have shifted slightly from being a fiction reader to someone who also reads a fair bit of non-fiction. Given that I'm not a speedy reader that means something has to give and it's tended to be my series reading. And I actually don't mind that, it means I'm open to change and flexible as regards what I read.



DesLily said...

wow! good post! I have changed a lot in my reading too. Before Carl's challenges I read nothing but Fantasy and once in a while I biography. Now I am almost totally gothic and historical crime, more biographies than before and recently American Indian History. I never would have thought I would even get into a lot of reading (though this year hasn't been good). ..however... the "want" is still there!! I too am behind in Flavia books but even used they seem to keep a high-ish price lol.

TracyK said...

I love this post. I like to read series but I am behind in most of them. It is interesting to see the change in your reading toward crime fiction.

I would like to make the time to come up with a list like this. It would make me aware of how many series I have just read one book from.

emlakci said...
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BooksPlease said...

Fascinating - I don't know some of these series, but others I have started eg the Carola Dunn books, but I've only read a few, nowhere near the 21 you've read! I like your 'Sundry' category :) I've read two of the The Barchester Chronicles too.

I should remind myself of the series I've started reading too! And it would be an interesting project to make 2018 'The Year of Catching up on My Book Series' Will you be doing the Mount TBR next year? I'm thinking of not - as I haven't done very well so far this year, but then again that's a good reason to carry on with it!

Cath said...

Pat: It so odd the way both our reading habits have changed so much. Maybe it happens to everyone? I don't know. I still like fantasy but read very little of it now and didn't even do the OUaT challenge this year. Nor did I miss it.

Tracy: Glad I'm not the only one behind with my series. To be honest it's almost impossible to keep right up to date with them all. And I don't think I even read as many as some. I'd love to see your list!

Margaret: I binge read Daisy Dalrymple at one stage a few years ago. I think I bought a load from The Book People quite cheaply. They're a light and fun crime series.

I'm honestly not sure about Mount TBR next year. Like you, I'm thinking 'not'. I feel like a challenge free year just reading what I fancy and only reviewing what I feel like reviewing. We'll see... that feeling might well change.

BooksPlease said...

Each year I like the idea if having a challenge free year and end up doing some! But for Mount TBR I think it doesn't make me focus on reading my own books. If I stopped doing it I'd probably still read them as the fancy takes me. I like doing Bev's quarterly checkpoints - but I could still do those. So, at the moment I think it's a 'not'.

Cath said...

Margaret: I'm exactly the same but I think this year I might try and resist and go for a challenge free year. It's the Mount tbr one that I'm wavering about. It does make me read some of my older books, which is useful. And like you I like doing the checkpoints... when I can. We'll see.