Saturday, 26 March 2011

My series update

Time to update my book series post; as usual this is really for my own records and is an update of the one I did in 2010. Basically it's to save me from having to go back that far every time I need to update numbers. This is a serious thing for me because this list really does help me to keep track of the series that I'm reading. What it also proves is how slack I am at finishing them! *And* what an easy target I am for shiny new ones. The other thing that's starting to be apparent is that I'm doing better with crime series than I am my other love... fantasy. And 15 months on from my last proper update this is even *more* the case now than it was then. I continue to be bemused at this radical change in my reading habits.


Sci Fi, Fantasy and horror - both adult and young adult:

The Temeraire series – Naomi Novik (read 2)
The Wess'har series - Karen Traviss (read 2)
The Thursday Next series - Jasper Fforde (read 2)
The Jackelian series - Stephen Hunt (read 1)
The Harry Dresden series - Jim Butcher (read 1)
The Mercy Thompson series - Patricia Briggs (read 4)
The Mortal Engines series – Philip Reeve (read 3)
Septimus Heap - Angie Sage (read 5)

The Women of the Otherworld series – Kelley Armstrong (read 1)
The Nightrunner series - Lynn Flewelling (read 3)
The Dark is Rising sequence - Susan Cooper (read 3)

The Pern books – Anne McCaffrey (read many, need to continue)
The Newford books – Charles de Lint (read 1)
The Darkover series – Marion Zimmer Bradley (read 2)
The Majipoor Chronicles - Robert Silverberg (read 1)

Crime - modern and historical:

Charlie Parker - John Connolly - (read 6... up to book 7)
Grant County - Karin Slaughter - (read 2)
Matthew Shardlake – C.J. Sansom (read 2)
Merrily Watkins - Phil Rickman (read 3)
Anna Pigeon - Nevada Barr (read 2)
Flavia de Luce - Alan Bradley (read 4)
Daisy Dalrymple - Carola Dunn (read 12)
Rizzoli and Isles - Tess Gerritsen (read 6)
Ruth Galloway series - Elly Griffiths (read 4)
Mma Ramotswe - A. McCall Smith (read 9)
Armand Gamache – Louise Penny (read 4)
Lake District series - Martin Edwards (read 3)
The Shetland mysteries - Ann Cleeves (read 2)
Inspector Montalbano - Andrea Camilleri (read 4)
Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes – Laurie R. King (read 4)

Oscar Wilde mysteries - Gyles Brandreth (read 1)
Jean-Baptiste Adamsberg series - Fred Vargas (read 1)
Simon Serailler – Susan Hill (read 1)


Isabel Dalhousie - A. McCall Smith (read 6)
Mapp and Lucia – E.F. Benson (read 2)
Diary of a Provincial Lady – E.F. Delafield (read 1)
The ‘Anne’ books – L.M. Montgomery (read 1)
The Little House series – Laura Ingalls Wilder (read 5 up to book 6)
Miss Read books - (read 10)
The Barchester Chronicles - Anthony Trollope (read 2)

Series I want to read: (mainly fantasy)

The Wit’ch series – James Clemens
Alpha and Omega - Patricia Briggs
The Priestess of the White trilogy – Trudi Canavan

The Liveship Traders and Tawny Man trilogies – Robin Hobb

The Soldier Son Trilogy – Robin Hobb
The Pellinor series – Alison Croggon
The Coldfire trilogy – Celia Friedman
The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy – Guy Gavriel Kay
The Gardella Vampire Chronicles – Colleen Gleason
The Tamir Triad – Lynn Flewelling
The Gregor series - Suzanne Collins

And if anyone can think of any other series that I really ought to be reading please feel free to leave a comment.


DesLily said...

omg Cath lol...that's a lot of series!!! You are gutsy asking if there are others you "should be reading"!! lol

I was surprised that you hadn't read more of the Mary Russel series. I had to go to my "book list" to see how many I read of those.. I read 9. (surprised myself with that number lol)
The only long running series I've read is Weis and Hickmans (Dragonlance) 25 of those and of course McCaffreys Pern books,21 of those and a few with her and her son. Oh and 20 David Eddings books (Belgaraid) ..
But I really think that "new series" are much harder because of having to wait for each new book to come out.

Cath said...

Morning Pat! Oh. Yeah. I forgot that sentence was there at the end. heheh. Been there since my first series post about 3 years ago. I really should delete that bit...

Yep, only 4 of the Mary Russell series read. I need to check what comes next and crack on with those. I think the reason I haven't is that I don't have the next book I need, either that or can't decide whether to read O Jerusalem next or skip it. You know me and decisions. lol

You're right about new series. Oddly though, I don't seem to be into many series where I'm waiting for a new book... if any.

Kailana said...

I have way more series on the go... Just saying you are really good at keeping it under control compared to me!

Let's see... Did you know that James Clemens also writes under James Rollins? They are thriller-type books. Amazonia is my favourite of his standalones. Now he is writing a series, though. The first book is Sandstorm, sort of. It was written as a standalone, but has the same characters.

For fantasy, I suggest Sara Douglass. Her and Robin Hobb are my favourite epic fantasy authors.

Cath said...

Kailana: Lol. I know some people have way more series on the go than me but I'm not a fast reader so am daunted by the amount I do have and whether I can ever catch up to the point of wating for the next book.

No, I didn't know that Clemens was James Rollins. It turns out my husband has read some of his books though and was surprised to hear they're the same person. I'll check them out sometime.

I adore Robin Hobb but have not read anything by Sara Douglass... will look into her books at some stage.