Saturday, 18 June 2011

Saturday snapshot

I've never done Saturday snapshot before but several people I follow seem to have done it today and as I was taking some photos in the garden this morning, here goes:

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This patch of ferns is part of a fern and hosta bed we're making at the side of the house. The side window of our sitting room looks out on this bed so when we sit and read or watch TV in that room, this is what we see. Or some of it. I'm rather in love with all the leaf shapes and different shades of green, the shadows etc., not all of which can be seen from these two photos. At the moment, the whole bed looks like this:

What I'm looking forward to is what it will look like in two years time.


Anonymous said...

This is really lovely, Cath. Almost as much green as in Alyce's photos. :-)

And, so glad to see you on this meme. It's fun I think. I've gotten to be quite strange in my husband's opinion, trotting around looking for things to photgraph. Strange for me anyway - never was a photographer, but my iPhone is fabulous for a quick snapsnot.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Cathy....your ferns are lovely!

Alyce said...

That looks so peaceful and relaxing! I love ferns. :)

My Gallery of Worlds said...

Ooooo, the different sades of green and the varied leaf shapes are beautiful :D

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

I really enjoy Saturday Snapshot - good to see yours today. It's been raining here all day - just stopped now.

I hope you have time to pop over to my blog - the collared dove chicks have hatched!

Marie said...

Very nice photos! The garden looks lovely. I love all of the different textures.

Sherrie said...

Beautiful Garden. When it grows and spreads out it will be ever more beautiful. Have a great day!

Just Books

Angie said...

Flowers are beautiful but there is something about greenery that is so peaceful. I have a fern bed in front of my house and a hosta bed in the back and I love them both!

Irene said...

The bed will be gorgeous, and what a great selection.

Cath said...

Kay: Alyce's photos were stunning! A little bit of paradise.

I've really enjoyed doing this so am thinking I'll do it again quite soon. So interesting to see other people's photos.

Diane: Thank you.

Alyce: It's a very shady spot so ferns and hostas are perfect.

Kelly: the older I get the more I appreciate the peace of green leaves without necessarily the flowers.

Margaret: your chicks are delightful! The rain has almost stopped (showery) but it feels like autumn rather than summer.

Marie: ferns are so great for garden texture and I like that there are so many different kinds.

Sherrie: yes I definitely think it will be even prettier next year.

Angie: I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it seems you're having the 'comment' problem that a lot of others are having at the moment.

I used to be a flower fan, and still am, but these days I'm a real convert to leaves and different shades of green - light and shadow etc.

Irene: yes... the best days for this bed are yet to come I think.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by!

DesLily said...

lol you are doing what I do! h ahaha I commented over at Caffyolay!

"well whatdayaknow?.. Ferns!"

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Cath,

Most of our garden is made up of evergreen plants and shrubs.

Some would say that there is not much colour in our garden, but to my mind there are so many different shades of green, that makes a colourful display in its own right ... and the colour is with us all year round.


Cath said...

Morning, Pat! Yeah, I don't post over there often enough so thought I'd whack these fern pics up. So they don't all think I'm dead... ;-p

Yvonne: I used to be strictly a flowers person but I've converted to the joys of all the different hues of green now. So restful.

Kaye said...

Hi Cath, thanks for visiting me at PPP!I love your pics, especially the blue leaves in the first photo; they just pop right out.

Cath said...

Kaye: My pleasure. :-)

The blue leaves are that of a blue hosta, one of my favourite varieties.