Saturday, 3 January 2009


One 'New Year's Resolution' type of thing that I am definitely not doing this year is to make a list of the books on my tbr pile that I plan to read in 2009. I did this last year, full of enthusiasm, and ended up not reading ONE of the titles. I did continue with several series - Mary Russell, Armand Gamache, Sherlock Holmes etc. - but really and truly my efforts were feeble, so I'm not doing it this year.

Challenges. Well, I'm not quite the challenge junkie that some are *g* but I do suffer from a kind of 'initial enthusiasm' for them that, like my best laid plans for my tbr mountian, fizzles out the minute the books are sorted and sitting on the shelf. Thus, I failed miserably at two challenges last year: Annie's What's in a Name challenge and Becky's Cardathon challenge. For the former I only managed a pathetic 3 books out of 6, and the latter, 4, when 6 - 12 were recommended. I tried, that's all I can say.

I did however succeed at a few: Becky's Heart of a Child challenge, for which I completed 4 books, Stray Talk's Here be Dragons challenge (3 books) and Carl's Once Upon a Time and RIP III challenges.

So that was 2008 and this is 2009. I have two ongoing challenges. The first is The Book Awards reading challenge which finishes in June, requires 10 books read and I've so far read 3. The second is The Library challenge which runs all year and my aim is to read 25 books borrowed from the library. I just about do that most years so that should not be a problem.
Apart from these two and Carl's various challenges I probably will not be taking on any more. I really want to read what I fancy this year rather than give myself a list of required books to read.

One thing I do plan to do for the first two months of the year is have some fun with Carl's sc fi experience.

This is not a challenge, merely a 'if you read some sci fi, blog about it' kind of thing. And as I'm well overdue for reading some sci fi rather than fantasy, I shall do just that.

Right, well, having got all that off my chest I just want to wish all the people who stop by this blog a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. I hope 2009 will be a good year for everyone.


Anonymous said...

You made me smile - I keep looking at my tbr piles and groaning. I think the thing to do is not think about them - and just read! Like you I get enthusiastic about challenges at first and then struggle to actually do them.

I must look at Carl's sci-fi experience. I'm way behind with reading blogs and haven't come across this yet - it sounds interesting.

Ana S. said...

Happy 2009, Cath!

The Sci-Fi Experiment is going to be lots of fun for sure :)

DesLily said...

hi sis! yep, me too! The only challenges I do are Carls.. and that's only because the fantasy one is a no brainer for me, the only one that gives me pause is the rip one.. but so far I have found some good reads so I will always do it.. the other thing is carl gives everyone a real "out" by letting them sign to read ONE book! I mean.. hello?! lol.. now that's a no brainer! hehehe

the tbr pile (stack?.. mountain!) is always a well meaning, "I will read them".. the problem being more books are obtained than read! But that makes sense right?! quicker to buy a book than to read it! lol I am going to TRY to make the tbr pile SMALLER this year... hey, even if only by one LOL LOL which means I have to slow up getting books... hmmmm... well.. I did say TRY!

monix said...

Very best wishes for 2009, Cath. If the summer turns out to be better than last year, then I hope we can have that Devon Bloggers Picnic.

Anonymous said...

Cath, you made me laugh with your TBR reading experience! I think that, for me, not planning on what to read is best. I never know what I might feel like at any given moment. I do well to read the books for my two book group. And I'm the moderator so I feel I should read the books! Ha!

I've starting posting again on my blog. I invite you to stop by sometime when you get a minute.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Cath.

I confess I can't stick to a set reading list for challenges, so have given up on them. I don't want reading to seem like a chore.

Sometimes my TBR pile and the large TBR list in my head make me hyperventilate! I find the best think is not to think about it.

Cath said...

Not thinking about the tbr pile and just reading sounds like a good plan to me, Margaret! Plus I may be getting new bookshelves in the one room in the house which doesn't have any, soooo the problem may ease for a while. What do you think about the new Dr. Who?

Thanks, Nymeth. I hope 2009 is a very good year for you. I'm sure the Sci-Fi experience is going to be wonderful!

Hi Pat. I do think that Carl's challenges are the best around, but why that is I couldn't say. I just wouldn't miss them.

TRY is a really good word. I really am going to try to read more books off the tbr mountain than I buy to add to it. 'TRY'

Hi Maureen. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a decent summer. YOu never know your luck...

Hi Kay. So lovely to see you back blogging with us all. Once upon a time I used to let one book lead me to another and I loved that. I'm not sure when it stopped but I'd really like to get back to that way of reading.

Hi Sarah. I think the fun in challenges for me is in choosing the books. After that I completely lose interest. It's very odd.

Juliet said...

Happy New Year, Cath. I've not included my groaning TBR pile(s) in my resolutions for 2009 either because it would only end in tears!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Cath!

Ah, no need to feel embarrassed about the TBR mountain or unfinished challenges. Lists do not work well for me either, for I usually read out of order or get sidetracked by other good books I "accidentally" come across. :D Best of luck with the 2009 challenges.

Cath said...

Happy New Year to you too, Juliet. Hope it's a good one for you and yours. I'm in denial about the tbr pile this year. ;-)

Orchidus: Happy New Year to you too.

I think the whole problem with me is that I *am* too easily distracted. I like a comment someone left on Deslily's blog - that they have the attention span of a fruit fly. Made me hoot - becuase that's ME! LOL.

Susan said...

I like your resolution, CAth! Especially the one about not worrying about the TBR pile, and the challenges - I didn't do super well either in that area, and I need to read more books, period! I love the challenges for making me read more, and I think I will always enjoy Carl's challenges :-) but too many challenges and I start getting anxious and feeling I've let everyone down if I'm not finishing them. Yet, I loved the 888 challenge....must not think about the 999 challenge...

Cath said...

Susan: I am capable of being quite disciplined with challenges but it all depends on whether they keep my interest. Anything to do with fantasy, sci fi, horror and YA and that's fine. Other genres need to work harder at keeping my interest, though I do seem to find that at the end of most years it's the novels that end up on my 'best of the year' list. Which makes no sense at all really.