Monday 28 December 2009

7 things I love (aside from books)

Pat over at Here, there and everywhere just did this 'seven things' meme so I'm nabbing it - seven things you love then, seven things you don't love.

I'll start with 7 things I love. (As Pat said, I'll leave out my husband, kids and grandkids as that goes without saying).

1. TV. I know, I know... there is some real rubbish on these days. Reality stuff I won't give houseroom to, soaps, 'so called' comedies... But there are also some real gems. The BBC still does fantastic travel documemtaries, cookery shows and intelligent quiz shows. It also makes excellent dramas such as Merlin, Dr. Who, Torchwood, and period dramas such as Emma, Cranford, and no one does Dickens better imo. If you're looking to spend Christmas money on a dvd you could do a lot worse than order Bleak House or Little Dorrit. I love them all.

2. A real fire. When I was a kid nearly everyone had a real fire. Then central heating became the norm and people did away with real fires in favour of gas ones. Since we've been married we've lived in six different houses and only in the first and then last two houses have we had a real fireplace where we can lay in and light a real fire. Honestly, in the depths of winter there is nothing better than settling down for the evening in front of one with a good book or a good TV show.

3. Sainsbury's grapefruit and lemon tea. I hate coffee and am not much of an ordinary tea drinker either. Truthfully, I like fizzy drinks far too much (Dr. Pepper being my fav.) So in order to stop myself drinking way too many carbonated drinks I drink grapefruit and lemon tea from Sainsburys. It has a nice sharpness and is very refreshing and also soothing when you have a cold.

4. Movies. I'm not a huge movie buff but I am pretty keen on seeing latest releases such as Harry Potter or Star Trek when they come out. The next one I'm dying to see is the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Hoping to see that on Wednesday.

5. My computer. Or rather the access it gives me to online friends via things like my blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. When it plays up I'm automatically unhappy and it's been playing up a little this Christmas. :-(

6. Savoury snacks. I really don't have much of a sweet tooth, I just don't eat cream cakes and so forth, but I do have a real weakness for anything savoury - sausage rolls, salted peanuts, crisps, homemade cheese straws. It's unlikely I will ever be thin.

7. The sea. I was brought up by it and it's in my blood, the smell, the sound, and just the simple act of being able to see it every day. We live inland now but Devon is a maritime county and luckily you're never all that far from the ocean. We live about 45 minutes from the coast and I get to see the sea fairly often.

Now 7 things I don't love.

1. Mushrooms. I just really hate them.

2. Medical programmes on TV where they show you operations.

3. The heat. Anything much over 80f and I'm no good to anyone. I'm better with extreme cold than I am extreme heat.

4. Some reality TV shows such a Big Brother and I'm Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. I just don't see the point.

5. Bad service in shops or restaurants.

6. People who are noisy in cinemas... rattling sweet papers, wandering around, talking through the film. GRRRRRRRR!

7. People in front of you on a flight who put their seat into the recline position and leave it there for the entire 7 hour flight. Why do I always get this?

Enough grumpiness... I hope everyone had a nice Christmas? I did but am also not sorry it's over. Some quiet reading time today would be lovely.


DesLily said...

LOl omg! I forgot loving Scones! that's because I can't get them here! grrrrrrrrrr (gosh, we even grrrr alike! LOL)

I hate mushrooms and most reality shows too! (do like dancing w/ the stars though) hate people to chat too much in the movies too! LOL.. too funny sis!!

Stacy said...

I have never found another who hates mushrooms...I cannot stand them. When I was little, I used to press them under the kitchen table or hide them in the mug tree that used to be on our table. Loved reading your lists and see eye to eye on quite of few of your loves and hates:)

Cath said...

Hey Pat! Peter would be with you on the scones. If you came to stay and I made them, you'd have to fight him for the scones. ;-p

Another mushroom hater! Excellent.

Book Psmith: I don't have a lot of food hates but mushrooms is one. The smell of them frying actually makes me nauseous. You're right, it's not that common but Pat above feels the same way about them.

Susan said...

Mushroom lover here!!! lol always have been.....but I loathe tomatoes. I'll have to do this meme, it sounds fun! I like seeing both sides - what you love and hate - I'll have to nab this too. I so agree with reality shows, I hate them all. Period. I love when Dr Who makes fun of them with the Big Brother and 'weakest link' thing in season one! That was good. Have to get you watching Fringe, another very good quality tv show over here (I think you have it, but maybe not on main BBC stations?)

How did you like Sherlock HOlmes? I really really want to see it, it's been put off until next week now :-(

MMM scones, I bet my elbows are sharper than Pat's!!! I miss them so much over here. I was gutted when we went into M&S last Christmas and they didn't have any!!! They used to sell them every day, fresh made with the jam and cream, and I"m afraid lots of my weight is due to loving those little gems of baking. uh oh. I'm getting hungry now!!

DesLily said...

well lessee now.. I am half english and half irish.. I am more stubborn then he is!.. I win! hehehehehe.. oh.. and Irish soda bread I love too.. so maybe we could share! He may be married to the cook but sister blood is stronger! I will fight for scones! hahahaha

Cath said...

Susan: the only tomatoes I like are the ones we grow ourselves. Other than that I can take them or leave them.

I've seen you talk about Fringe but have not spotted it on our TV channels as yet... not even on satellite TV. I'll keep looking.

I haven't seen Sherlock Holmes yet. Was hoping to go tomorrow but Peter is having his diabetes *off* days so it might have to wait until next week. No worries.

I made scones this morning, oddly enough. They're easy to make, if you would like the recipe, let me know and I'll send it.

I sent you an e.mail with my address, let me know if it didn't arrive.

LOL, Pat! I made a batch of scones this morning and thought of you while we were eating them with butter and strawberry jam. Yum, yum, yum. ;-)

Never had soda bread but my youngest went to Ireland once and had it and loved it. Will get there one day.

DesLily said...

I'm not the greatest cook or baker but email me the recipe for raisen scones please!!!!! I'll try anything since I can't get them here! god knows I don't need more fat for my butt or stomach but now I can't get them off of my mind! LOL

Kailana said...

I should do this...

Cath said...

Will do, Pat... later today if I can manage it.

Kailana: you certainly should. :-)

Unknown said...

I don't watch a lot of movies (it is a bit of a running joke now that when I say I want to see a movie in theatres, there's about a 25% chance it will happen and maybe another 25% on top that I will actually even see it on DVD) BUT...

I am definitely really excited for the Sherlock Holmes movie. Glad to finally see Watson getting some respect!

Also, I must admit, I love mushrooms. But I understand the reasons some might not. :)

Cath said...

kiirstin: I think the new Sherlock Holmes movie is going to be a lot of fun. Maybe not as true to the books as the Jeremy Brett version but that's okay, I really don't mind. And I agree about Watson.