Saturday, 2 April 2011

March books

Off to Cornwall tomorrow until Wednesday but before I tootle off I'll do a quick run-down of what I read during March. It was a good month, all in all, eight books read... that sounds rather good for me but none of them were particularly long or difficult reads. Here we go then (I'll number them according to how many I've read this year):

13. The Surgeon - Tess Gerritsen
14. Gossip from Thrush Green - Miss Read
15. The Tapestry of Love - Rosy Thornton
16. The Good Husband of Zebra Drive - Alexander McCall Smith
17. Requiem for a Mezzo - Carola Dunn
18. Garlic and Sappires - Ruth Reichl
19. Beauty - Robin McKinley
20. Diavolino - Steve Emmett

All eight were excellent reads - no duffers, as I call them. A bit of a mixed bag too. One non-fiction, three crime, a fantasy for Carl's Once Upon a Time challenge, a horror, and a couple of what you might call modern fiction I suppose. I read my first Kindle book and loved using it, so that, for me, was quite momentous (I'm easily pleased).

Next month I really want to get stuck in to Carl's Once Upon a Time challenge... my pile of books for that is calling to me and, in fact, I've started another, The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. I also have another Kindle book sent to me by an author to read - Dreaming, Not Sleeping by Julia Kavan. Looking forward to that.

I'm assuming I'll come back from Cornwall with books, or maybe I'll be able to resist? Or maybe not... (I can hear Deslily laughing hysterically from here.) I should come back with photos although the weather forecast doesn't look too promising. Was hoping to bore you all with photos of my beloved Cornwall's coastline and will certainly do my best to fulfill that threat... er... promise.

Happy Reading while I'm away.


DesLily said...

who? ME?? laugh???
hahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. that wasn't a laugh I had a tickle in my throat *snort* have a wonderful time in Cornwall. I have such a hard time now when you go there not to think of both Merlin and Laurie R Kings book Touchstone. (I keep seeing the little stone home!) Sheesh.

wow you read a lot!!I don't know why I"m not fast reading anymore..but I still do love it so I guess I won't worry too much over it ('cept my dang tbr pile grows in leaps in bounds because I get more books than I can read!)

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, Cath! Hope the weather cooperates for your pictures and your pleasure. THE EYRE AFFAIR is good, I think. We read it in my mystery group last year I think. It's different for sure.

fiction-books said...

Hi Cath,

As you say, the weather doesn't look too promising for this part of the world, over the next few days.

Cornwall is notorious for it's micro-climates though, so I'm sure you will get some clear enough spells, for all those lovely pics.

If it should happen to be a little dodgy on the weather front, you can always find a convenient book shop or two!!!

Have a fantastic time.


Cath said...

Pat: Yes, you!!!! Tickle in your throat my foot...

Yeah, 8 books in a month is a lot for me, but they're not as long as some of the stuff you're reading at the moment. I want to read several long ones for Carl's challenge so it won't be 8 books for April I'm guessing. But that's okay.

Thanks, Kay. I've barely started The Eyre Affair but that will come with me to Cornwall, and the Tess Gerritsen I'm two thirds through and my Kindle... Believe it or not I am actually planning to do some sightseeing as well as reading. ;-)

Yvonne: Thanks! The weather is clearly going to be unpredictable. The local TV, on Friday, said rain all week but I just checked the BBC website and they're saying it'll be mainly sunny with a few showers! Just have to wait and see and Cornish weather is notoriously fickle anyway. :-)

animewookie said...

Wow! That is a lot of books. I'm not a very fast reader, but my children...lets just say they greatly surpass I can't wait to see the pics...good thoughts for good weather :D

Nulaanne said...

I loved reading Miss Reed when I was growing up.

Cath said...

animewookie: my family all outstrip me when it comes to speed of reading too. My husband, our eldest daughter and her daughter are all natural speed readers and probably read about 3 times as many books as me in a year. Must be an inherited thing... personally, I have to read every single word.

Nulaanne: I used to read Miss Read when I was a teen too but find I get a lot more out of her books as an adult.

Elaine said...

I loved Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton, found the Tess Gerritsen chilling (so glad my recommendation paid off) and also love the Precious books of AMS.

Let me know next time you make a foray up to London - would be nice to meet up for a coffee if you agree!

Cath said...

Elaine: I will most certainly let you know when I'm next in London, it would be delightful to meet for a coffee and a chat. And if you're ever down in Devon let me know and you would be most welcome to pop in for a cuppa and scones.

Nan said...

Lucky you! Have a wonderful, wonderful time.