Monday, 2 May 2011

April's books

Rather a busy month for myself and my family, it's a wonder I managed to read anything really. Our few days in Cornwall was nice, so was our extended Easter, and various other comings and goings. I also feel a bit as though I'm suffering from Royal Wedding withdrawal but that too shall pass I'm sure. The calendar for May is mercifully empty and I have no complaints about that whatsoever! This week we need to get bedding plants out into the garden, the warm April made them grow very quickly but all of a sudden it's turned cold and showery so maybe that can wait a day or two. I did at least weed, dig and tidy the ground this morning so that's one thing off my list of today's 'things to do'. The other things were to write this post, make a raspberry and blueberry crumble... and READ. I'm almost half way through The Court of the Air by Stephen Hunt. It's 580 pages long and I feel like I'm running a marathon with it - a couple of times I've felt like giving up but I think in the longrun I'll be glad I persevered. I hope so anyway.

So, without further ado, these are the books I read this month.

21. The Apprentice - Tess Gerritsen
22. The Eyre Affair - Jasper Fforde
23. Affairs at Thrush Green - Miss Read
24. Thyme Out - Katie Fforde
25. Lost in a Good Book - Jasper Fforde
26. Door into Fire - Diane Duane
27. Clerical Errors - D.M. Greenwood

Seven in all. Three for the Once Upon a Time challenge, a couple of crime yarns and a couple of sundry fiction. All of them good.

This month I want to read more for my challenges, get rid of my library pile so that I can go and raid Exeter city library for the four books they have that I want, maybe gain a few new books for my birthday... and a cover for my Kindle! Do other Kindle users own covers for them? I didn't think I would need one but as soon as I got a Kindle I realised I probably do. I'm nothing if not contrary.

Happy reading for the month of May - my favourite month.



verity said...

I wish I could go and raid Exeter Central Library - I still have my library card.

Will you share a picture of your crumble? I am making lots of fruit puddings at the moment to use up fruit in the freezer before we move - we have an inordinate amount of frozen cranberries, but they are quite tasty with mincemeat and apple.

Anonymous said...

I do have a cover for my Kindle, but it is not one of those that folds back like a book cover. It's more of a zip-up sack kind of thing. I like it better. There are those now that have book lights, but I don't need that either as I don't read in bed.

Happy upcoming birthday, Cath! Love the purple flowers!

DesLily said...

Oh my.. once again you have done fabulous on the reading for April.. I no longer check monthly I read so slow now lol..but hey I did finish Name of the wind .669 pgs!!! and book two I began is almost 1,000 pgs!!! this guy could put wilke collins and dickens to shame! lol lol

btw: mailed a card today I hope it's not more than a day late! lol... on mothers day! "MAMA" should make out well between mothers day and birthday on the same day!!!!

My Gallery of Worlds said...

Mmmmmmmm...Crumble :D Yes please do share some pics. I have gardening to do myself, but it's a bit wet and chilly here today. Lovely flower pic :D

Anonymous said...

I do not have a cover for my kindle, but just like you I think I would like one but cannot decide on what colour!

Nulaanne said...

I have always loved Miss Read.

swlove said...

I have a hard cover for my Kindle, the kind with the light built in. I don't know if I needed the light, but I do like the hard case.

Anonymous said...

Happy May and all that it brings.
The Eyre Affair keeps creeping up in front of me with friends recommending it and blogs reviewing it. I hope to see what you think. Ah, Affairs at Thrush Green are sitting on a pile . . .

Cath said...

Verity: Exeter is such a brilliant library, I wish I could use it more often to be honest.

Pics of crumble duly posted as you know. :-) My daughter uses cranberries in muffins... I think she does orange and cranberry. Perhaps you could use some that way?

Kay: I like the sound of yours but there doesn't seem to be heaps of choice. The ones on Amazon seem quiet expensive to me too.

Thank you. I'm not so emamoured of being a year older on Sunday but our family get-together will be fun.

Pat: You're brave attempting a 1000 page book. (Although one of these days I'm going to attempt Strange and Norrell). My current read is 600 pages and I'm only halfway through... which is why no book posts from me for a few days.

No worries about my card... I still remember what happened to your Christmas package with horror! It's not mother's day over here in May, we do it in March. But yeah, it would've been good. lol

Kelly: Pics of crumble duly posted. :-)

josbookjourney: Amazon have a new selction of plain ones available and the one I like is a slate blue/grey sort of colour.

Nulaanne: Her books are wonderful, aren't they?

Sue: I think I should have bought one when I got the Kindle. On the other hand I'm now excited to see what they're like. *g*

lifeonthecutoff: I thought *I* was the last one to get around to the Thursday Next books. lol. It seems people either love them or... not... and you can't always predict which. I've read two now and love them.