Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday snapshot

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A few garden pics today.

My favourite clump of primroses.

This rhododendron is a bit 'Gor blimey!' really...

If the blossom is anything to go by it looks like we ought to get a good crop of greengages this year.

The workers: Grandpa teaching our grandson all about gardening. Bit early for much to be growing outside the greenhouse but the shallots in front of it are doing okay.


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I love the spring blossoms, and how wonderful for your grandson to have this special time with grandpa.

Trish said...

Those are some pretty vigorous blooms! A greenhouse is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, look at your lovely flowers. So pretty. Nice shot of the grandpa and grandson. :-)

Kaye said...

The purply primroses are wonderful!

Paulita said...

Don't you just love all the early blooms. It's good that your grandson has a patient grandpa to teach him. My husband gets to impatient and would rather do it himself rather than teach the boys how to do things.Here's Mine

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Your garden's more advanced than ours - not surprising, though, as we're further north. The blossom is just beginning to come out now. After the forecast for colder, cloudy weather, today is still sunny here, although it is several degrees colder.

Have a good weekend.

Staci said...

Amazing!! I wish there was that sort of color going on here in Michigan! But it snowed yesterday and a week ago it was almost 90!! Love that the grandson is learning from Grandpa!

Cheryl @ Tales of the Marvelous said...

That's a wonderful description of the rhodedendrons!

Susan Lindquist said...

Love those primula! We are just cleaning out our little greenhouse and getting things stocked for starting flats this week ... New Hampshire has been cold and raw most of the week ... the crocus and daffodils are putting on a Spring show, though! Your rhodie looks just beautiful!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

Oh, I love greenhouses...and gardens.

Whenever I see gardens, I think of growing up and my mother's passion for gardening.

Thanks for sharing.


DesLily said...

ohhhh I didn't know you had a greenhouse!! gosh..every time I turn around we become sisters again! sheesh.. love to garden..or I did when I could, not sure my back would let me anymore. ah well "we" have P for the hard work right?! LOL

fiction-books said...

Hi Cath,

It is good to see the primroses out and like yourself, we have a few rhododendrons and azaleas that are already in bloom.

Unfortunately it is far too early for them and if we get the cold snap which is forecast, then I guess it will be 'game over' for them.

Dave was out and about the area this week and even the bluebells are starting to flower in abundance.

Lovely pictures, particularly grandpa and grandson, definitely one to treasure.


Peppermint Ph.D. said...

Blooms are popping up all over Mississippi as well...I even started preparing my garden's a little early and I'm trying to hold back at least another week or so...but I'm itching to plant!! :)

Alyce said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! I wish our flower beds looked so nice. I've got to get out there and work on them (as soon as the torrential rain stops).

Penny said...

Such wonderful bits of your springtime, Cath, and how lovely those primroses are.

Leslie said...

That rhododendron is amazing. Love the greenhouse too. This is so nice that grandpa is teaching your grandson about gardening. My love of gardening stems from my grandparents setting up a small garden for me and helping me with it when I was very young.

Eva @View from the Hillside said...

Your spring is so much farther along than our spring. I'm just a little envious. Very nice pictures.

Cath said...

Diane: It's a great time of year for blossom, can't wait for the apple to appear. Yes, my husband and grandson love being in the garden together.

Trish: Greenhouses are indeed brilliant.

Kay: Yes, the first flowers after winter are special I think. Grandpa and grandson get along very nicely. :-)

Kaye: I agree... I like them because they're unusual.

Paulita: I think I like the early flowers better than the later, summer, ones. I have to say that grandpa has more patience with our grandson than he did his daughters. LOL.

Margaret: The greengage is the first tree in the garden to get blossom. Hoping that means a good crop but like you said... it's turned chilly again and you never know.

Staci: We could still get snow here too, but hopefully *not*. LOL. I think it's good for little boys to be introduced to hobbies early.

Cheryl: I thought it described them nicely. :-)

Susan: Our daffs are just starting to look a bit ratty. It's been warm here for a couple of weeks but has turned chilly again. Unpredictable time of year really.

Laurel: The gardening bug in our family is mainly from my husband's side, though my grandmother was quite keen.

Pat: Yeah, Peter does most of the hard graft. LOL. My knees restrict how much I can do but I love to potter a bit out there.

Yvonne: Believe it or not we had an azelea that bloomed in December. I don't think the plants knew where they were this year.

We have one or two bluebells out too and it really is far too early for those as well.

Yes, I really like the shot of my husband and grandson too.

Peppermint PH.D: Early good weather lulls you into a false sense of security I think and you end up planting out too early. Easily done.

Alyce: Thanks! We could do with some of that rain.

Penny: Primroses are one of my favourite flowers. As a child I used to pick them in the hedgerows and fields and we had little vases of them all over the house.

Leslie: I sometimes think that's what grandparents are for - patient teaching of interests and hobbies. We try very hard with that.

Eva: Our spring is further along than is normal for the UK to be honest. Glad you like the photos.

sim@chapter1-take1 said...

So neat to see a real greenhouse and a real grandfather with his grandson. Since this is my first visit I was tooling around a bit and I must say you are ambitious with your Tea challenge. But I'm thinking about tackling Les Miserables (I'd like to read it before the film comes out) and that might qualify. I think it's a 'long one'.

Cathy said...

My husband built a greenhouse for his ex-MIL in Letchworth. It's still standing, so he did a good job!

gautami tripathy said...

Enjoyed looking at the blooming flowers!

Here is my Saturday Snapshot post!

Cath said...

Sim: I always think there's a special bond between grandfathers and grandsons. :-)

Yes, I think I might have been a bit over ambitious with the Tea and Books challenge. I've yet to start it and have discovered that books over 700 pages are not that common. So many are 600 and something.

Cathy: That sounds like a pretty solid greenhouse to me!

Gautami: Glad you liked them.

Nan said...

You have a greenhouse! Wonderful.

Louise said...

Just gorgeous!

Cath said...

Nan: Yes, we have a greenhouse. In the summer it's usually full of tomatoes but at the moment it's being used to grow seeds.

Louise: Thank you!