Monday 11 June 2012

Cornwall in May

Nan reminded me that I haven't posted in a while and when I looked it turned out to be three weeks! It's because we're busy and I'm not reading much at the moment. I also abandoned two books after reading quite a way into them so that doesn't make for something bookish to post about either. Anyway, I remembered that I haven't posted my Cornish coast pics that I took when we were in Cornwall last month, so here goes.

These were taken on my birthday in fact. It was a gorgeous day so we left the hotel in Camborne, fairly early, and headed towards the north coast. Godrevy lighthouse was our first stop.

Once upon a time I think you used to be able to do a tour of it, but I don't think you can any more. I think it's a really stunning spot. A German film crew was there filming The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher. Seemed like an odd thing to be filmed for German viewers but there you go.

This is the view from the same spot, across St. Ives Bay to the town of St. Ives.

Wild flowers were everywhere: May is a particularly good month for them in Cornwall. This is a lovely bank of Thrift.

Next we moved on to a spot called Hell's Mouth. I like the shadow of the cliff that looks like a face.

Looking down into Hell's Mouth... caves down there by the look of it.

A shot of the coastline in the opposite direction.


Looking up the coast towards Newquay.

A lovely place to sit...

Our lunch spot at St. Agnes beach... a perfect place to eat local Cornish pasties.

Later in the afternoon, the approach to the beach at a little spot called Penhale Point... I assume the beach is Penhale beach but can't say for sure.

The beach itself.

So that was my birthday this year. It couldn't have been more perfect to be honest.


verity said...

Lovely photos and happy birthday. Bizzarely the germans LOVE Rosumund Pilcher. 14 years ago when I was still at school, our school was used as a location by a German film company for one of her short stories - the Blue Bedroom. Some of us were used as extras, obviously non speaking!

DesLily said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous! (doesn't do anything for my fear of heights though lol).. all this adds to the book I am reading that takes place in Cornwall there was even a quick mention of Devon and the Moors :o)

just so beautiful!! couldn't ask for a more gorgeous birthday Cath!

Cath said...

Verity: Thanks! I wondered if that might be the case about the Germans and Rosamund Pilcher. Life is full of such oddities. What a great story you have there.

Pat: No it didn't do a lot for my fear of heights either, peering into the abyss. But you have to suffer for your art. LOL. Yeah, it really was the perfect birthday. When we Skype I'll check out that book you're reading as I couldn't find it on AZ.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Cath,

Some great pictures, as always.

Cornwall is one of our family's favourite places and we aim to spend a few days there, at least once a year and more if we are able.

We generally tend to base ourselves around the Newquay area, although we always do the full cicuit of the coastline each time.

Our National Trust membership also takes a good hammering on these visits, so all in all, a good value for money break .... now all we need is some Summer to go with it!!!!!


My Gallery of Worlds said...

Oh Cath, It's just breathtaking <3 I'm so glad you had such a wonderful birthday trip :D Happiest of belated birthdays to you!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. As Verity says, Rosamund Pilcher is huge in Germany. There are German coach parties staying in the Queens Hotel - the only hotel in Penzance big enough to take a whole coach party these days - for pretty much the whole of the summer season.

Anonymous said...

Cath, I always love your pictures of Cornwall. I think that I must have lived there in another life. It appeals to me so. :-)

Cath said...

Yvonne: We almost got as far up the coast as Newquay. It always surprises me how many lovely little hidden away spots there are around that area. Every time we go we discover somewhere new.

What we found this time was not that we used our NT card for the houses... we used it instead for their car parks and saved quite a lot of money.

Kelly: Thank you. Glad you enjoyed seeing the photos.

FleurFisher: I had no idea about the Germany - Rosamund Pilcher connection. I wonder why she's so popular there.

Kay: So pleased you enjoyed the photos. Funny how you can feel a connection like that without any reason.

lifeonthecutoff said...

Well now, that was worth the wait for you to post, Cath. Those shots are breathtaking and what a wonderful spot to spend one's birthday.

Cath said...

Penny: Yes, been a bit scarce recently, busy, family stuff, decorating, that kind of thing. Not reading much either at the moment. I'm sure I'll be back to it soon. In the meantime, glad you enjoyed photos.

Susan said...

How lovely, Cath!!! Oh, your photos made me homesick for the sea, even as I was craning my head to catch a glimpse of the Cornish coast, which I want to see one day. What a lovely birthday you had. You are right, so perfect.

Susan said...

PS I've just added Living Dangerously to my Amazon cart. I can't get your review out of my head, and how much you enjoyed the book!!! lol I have a birthday certificate to use :-)

Cath said...

Susan: I hope you do get to see Cornwall one day. Seeing someone's photos is not as good as actually being there.

I hope you enjoy Living Dangerously. I bought another Katie Fforde in Waterstones today. Hopeless...

Nan said...

Lucky,lucky,lucky you!

Cath said...

Nan: I know!!! :-)

Peggy Ann said...

What a wonderful place to spend your birthday! gorgeous.

Cath said...

Peggy Ann: It was one of my best birthdays ever.