Monday, 11 November 2013

Tredegar House - South Wales

I was reminded yesterday that I have photos that I took in August in South Wales that I haven't shared here on my blog yet. So, without further ado, here is the first batch. We stopped off at Tredegar House on the way to spend a few days in and around Cardiff. The house is owned by the National Trust and is situated on the edge of the town of Newport. The NT website is here along with lots of extra information and a slide-show picture thingy.

First a few shots of the garden:

These old greenhouses have a real charm of their own.

I also love old apple trees.

And colourful patches of nasturtiums (and one day I may even learn how to spell them and not have to look it up in the dictionary every time...)

And now a few shots of the house and stables... with nice gates. :-)

The local dalek. Our grandson was with us, aged 6 at the time, he's a very competent reader... good enough to spot and read a sign near the entrance that there was a dalek somewhere in the grounds or house for kids to search for. Of course, we never heard the end of it then... 'Where's the dalek, where's the dalek???' Eventually he found it...

The Lord of the Manor. He wishes... (My husband in case anyone is wondering.)

So that was Tredegar House, a lovely spot, an interesting house and lovely gardens to stroll around.



My Gallery of Worlds said...

Gorgeous! And a Dalek too!Looks like great fun Cath :D

My Gallery of Worlds said...
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Penny O'Neill said...

Well, not having a 6 year around, I needed to look up the definition of Dalek (a new word to carry around in my pocket, thank you).
What lovely gardens, Cath; gardens I would enjoy wandering about in. I'm glad you are sharing now, and look forward to seeing other photos.

DesLily said...

As always... great photo's! Love "the lord of the manor" lol..good to know you and I aren't the only ones that dream big! lol

I can't even imagine having so many "gardens" to take care of! Just gorgeous!

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

I always imagine what it must be like living in a house as grand as this - can't quite see myself there though!

Sam (Tiny Library) said...

Beautiful gardens, I'd love to take a walk in them.

Susan said...

The gardens are lovely, aren't they? The house is stunning. And then there is the DALEK!! lol I had to show my children, and my daughter had so many questions - could it move? Was it real (ie from the Dr Who set)? Could they (meaning you) buy it? She adores daleks, they are her favourite Dr Who monsters. So if you don't mind, I took a copy for her so she can have it on her desktop. Even though they - her and her father - went to the DR Who Experience in London two years ago, there is nothing like running into a dalek in a house, is there!!!! lol

Thank you for posting the pictures. When we are covered in snow, I will come back and remind myself spring and summer will come again.

Cath said...

Kelly: Glad you enjoyed them :-)

Penny: Yes, Dr. Who is quite well known on your side The Pond these days, but not to all. Glad I have added a new word to your vocab.

I'll try to put more photos up soon.

Pat: Hopefully if we had that amount of gardens to look after we'd be able to afford a gardener to help. LOL!

Margaret: No, I can't see myself there either. The NT property I can see myself in is Wightwick Manor near Wolverhampton.

Sam: I agree, they are stunning.

Susan: Beautiful gardens. Delighted that HA enjoyed the dalek photo. We didn't feel we ought to try and move it. LOL It didn't say if it was real (that I recall) but to me it looked like it was off the set, yes. Not at all, I hope she enjoys having it on her desktop. It was indeed quite the unique experience... we too have been to the Dr. Who experience, btw.

Glad you enjoyed them, will try to get the 2nd lot up soon. Probably next week as we have our grand-daughter staying at the weekend and before that I need to put up another challenge post... Scotland this time. Is there no end to my madness?

Peggy Ann said...

Can you imagine living in a place that?! With it's own dalek to boot!

Cath said...

Peggy: It must be utterly amazing but I think it would overwhelm me a bit.

Sandi said...

So beautiful! And with an unexpected dalek too!

Nice to "meet" you, Cath.

Cath said...

Hi Sandi... nice to meet you too. :-)

Thank you! It really was a very lovely place to visit.