Friday, 20 February 2015

New books!

I'm trying to be a bit restrained about buying new books at the moment. Not altogether successfully but I am making some effort which must count for something. (I can hear hysterical laughter coming from some quarters as I speak...) That said, a few have crept surrepticiously in so I thought I'd do a little post showing which ones.

This is they:

First up, my lovely 'sis', Pat, of Here, There and Everywhere sent me an Amazon gift token for Christmas. For a few weeks I couldn't decide what to buy and then I realised how stupid I was being as there's one book I've been covetting for 'yonks'. And it's this:

My favourite author, John Connolly, and Declan Burke brought Books to Die For, a book of essays, out in 2012. It consists of many crime authors talking about and recommending their favourite crime books. Some years in the 1800s are covered and then after 1928 every year has an entry and, in some cases, several. There are far too many to name all of them, but you name a crime author and he or she is probably in this book recommending their favourite writer. It's a very beautiful book. I love it to bits and can't wait to start reading it... I think it's probably a book to dip into as and when you feel like it. I am so thrilled to own it so thank you, Pat, for such a lovely gift.

Next up, The Fellowship of Ghosts by Paul Watkins.

Tell me this doesn't look like a fantasy book! Even the title is evocative. Possibly that was the intention as not only is this book about mountaineering in Norway, it's also about Scandinavian folklore and myths. Norwegian history is also covered, from the Vikings to World War 2. Absolutely my kind of book at the moment as my current interest is reading about mountains, their history and the people who explore those regions and climb of course. Saw this one on Goodreads and had to have it.

Lastly, Busman's Honeymoon by Dorothy L. Sayers.

It's no secret that I loved Gaudy Night when I read it a week or so ago. Couldn't wait to get hold of the next book in the series and here it is. It's clearly been well-loved but that's fine, I like the fact that AM makes books more affordable for all and have no problem with secondhand books.

So that's my haul for the last few weeks. Hope you're having more success keeping your TBR mountain down than me...



Kailana said...

Enjoy your haul!

BooksPlease said...

That's a good selection. Enjoy your books!

I've been very restrained as far as physical books are concerned - not so with the Kindle though but I'm not counting those :)

Books to Die For is on my wishlist, just waiting for me. I'm going to Barter Books next week so I'll look for it there and anything else that catches my eye - I always find something I want there.

Kay said...

I totally admire your restraint, Cath. LOL

And I couldn't help but think about little books tiptoeing into your house, quietly, in the dark of the night. They do replicate you know, when you aren't looking. :-)

OK, I think you will really enjoy BOOKS TO DIE FOR. I have a copy that I loaned to someone in my book group - can't even remember who. It is very much a book to dip in and out of. The mystery authors that write the essays are great to check out, as well as the subjects of the essays. A win on both side. Minette Walters wrote the essay on REBECCA and that was what encouraged me to schedule that book for group discussion. Enjoy!!

Peggy Ann said...

There's nothing quite as wonderful as getting new books! Even if their old :=)

DesLily said...

yeah I need to get to Books to Die for also..that and many others! I started reading another Ann Granger/ Fran Vardy crime book... I've enjoyed many of my last books but none have been "wow"! ya know?.. like 13th Tale or Drood.. haven't been finding many 17 or 1800's gothic mysteries lately.. I do like the "family secrets" type mysteries! lol If you come across any let me know! or maybe I should say "don't" let me know! lol lol

Cath said...

Kelly: Thank you!

Margaret: Thank you, I will.

I don't blame you for not counting ebooks. Well... after all... they don't take up any shelf room. We won't mention black holes...

Good luck with finding some books at Barter Books.

Kay: My restraint is not what you might call a hardy thing. ;-)

I sometimes think that's *exactly* what happens! Not my fault at all...

Glad to hear Books to Die For is so good. I think I need to read Rebecca too. It's one of those books that I don't remember whether I've read or not. Seen the old movie of course, which may be what's confusing me.

Peggy: You are so right.

Pat: 'Many others' is so right too. I sometimes think the anticipation of reading the books is better than actually reading them. LOL!

Special books are so few and far between. Just as well we're determined to keep on looking for them.

Yep, I'll keep an eye out for the family secret type of book. I know I've read a few but for the life of me I can't remember what they were.