Friday, 3 July 2015

Mount TBR checkpoint 2

Goodness, halfway through the year already and time for the second checkpoint post for Bev's Mount TBR 2015 challenge.

I'm answering one of Bev's questions and then doing the 'My day in Books' thing (always love doing those).

1. Tell us how many miles you've made it up your mountain (# of books read).

I'm doing Mont Blanc this year, which is to read 24 books. So far I've read 15 books which is 3 more than I should have read at this stage. So I'm over halfway up the mountain and quite pleased with that. *Maybe* I might even make it to Mount Vancouver (36 books) but I'm not planning to bust a gut trying, especially as at the moment I seem to be in less of a reading mood than I was earlier in the year. We'll just have to see.

OK. So. My Day in Books using the titles of books we've read. Bev says that: If you haven't read enough books to give you good choices, then feel free to use any books yet to be read from your piles. With only 15 books read it wasn't quite enough to fill all the answers sensibly so I have used a few titles on the tbr mountain. I have tried to use books that I really do plan to read this year though.

I began the day with: Our Mutual Friend
before breakfasting on: The Seeds of Time

On my way to work I saw: Clear Waters Rising
and walked by: Untrodden Peaks and Unfrequented Valleys
to avoid: Wildwood
but I made sure to stop at: A View from the Foothills

In the office, my boss asked me how to use: Foucault's Pendulum
and sent me to research: The Name of the Wind

At lunch with: Ahab's Wife
I noticed: Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
playing a game of: A Fire upon the Deep

When I got home that night, I imagined myself: A Tiny Bit Marvellous
and wondered if: [I'll have a] Gaudy Night
Finally, I went to bed and dreamed about: The Dark Horse



DesLily said...

Lol that's my sis !!! Such a poet!!! xoxoxox

Penny O'Neill said...

Just taking some time this morning to do some catching up on blogs- and catching up with you. Love you Day in Books.

BooksPlease said...

This so good, Cath! I should have gone for Mont Blanc too. And your titles in My Day in Books are so right - they all fit so well into the story.

Bev Hankins said...

Cath, you're doing great! Thanks for checking in. I love your Day in Books answers.

Cath said...

Pat: I'm clearly a poet who doesn't know it. lol

Penny: That's something I need to do too... catch up on blogs. I'll come and visit you soon. Glad you liked my day in books, I always love doing those.

Margaret: I found the pressure of Mt. Ararat and 48 books too much last time. I thought better to aim lower and maybe actually 'get' there this year.

Thank you, I enjoy doing these book title things.

Bev: Thank you and thank you.