Thursday 2 June 2016

Books read in May

May was a bit of an odd month one way and another, involving a lot of running around, but inbetween I did manage to read a few books... five in all... which I didn't think was too bad all things considered.

26. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie

27. We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves - Karen Joy Fowler

28. The Whispering Land - Gerald Durrell

29. A Cold Blooded Business - Dana Stabenow. I haven't reviewed this one but it's book 4 in the Kate Shugak series, and involves her going undercover in one of the Alaskan oilfields to find out why someone has died as a result of too much cocaine being available on the site. I learned a lot about working conditions in the oilfields so it was a decent read. I enjoyed it possibly a little less than the previous two but this continues to be an excellent series.

30. The Watchmaker of Filigree Street - Natasha Pulley. To be reviewed.

I enjoyed all of the books I read and really don't have a favourite. According to my Goodreads 2016 shelf I gave all bar A Cold Blooded Business four stars and even with that it was a hard choice between three and four and I may have been a bit mean not giving it four. They were all good. But really the book I've enjoyed the most this month is the book I'm three quarters of the way through right now and it's this:

If I could have added The Olive Route by Carol Drinkwater to my May books it would have won hands down. But it's not finished so this excellent book will probably be my favourite for June. I love it to bits... more on this later.

June is going to be another odd month for me but I'm still hoping to be around reading blogs and posting about the books I'm reading... if slightly intermittently. Happy reading!



DesLily said...

well you are 10 books ahead of me! lol.. I read ONE book in May before company came and then the trip and I haven't gotten on a book yet I was so busy with photo's! (and my body felt like heck.. I gained three hours on that trip and then lost 3 hours on the way back, my body didn't know what time it was anymore! lol)

Anyway... sounds like all good reads.. but especially the one you are reading. I so love when we feel so good about a book!

Cath said...

You've had *lots* going on, Pat, and that's wonderful. Your books are not going anywhere fast. lol And your photos have been wonderful. They make me feel very nostalgic for the US.

Nan said...

I didn't know there was another Carol D. book. Gosh, I read the first one ages ago, and bought the second but never got around to reading it. I just went to her website, and holy cow! she has written a ton more books! And there's are videos. I'll be spending some time there, and will get back into her books. Such a good life she leads! I saw she's two months younger than I am.

BooksPlease said...

The summer months are always busy - we've just had a nephew and family (a seven and a four year old, lots of fun) visiting, so not much time for reading or blogging. With books in different genres it's often difficult to choose a favourite. The Olive Route sounds really good - I'll see if our library has any of her books, so maybe it will be more obvious next month.

Cath said...

Nan: Yes, I believe she has written a lot of books now. For starters the Olive Farm trilogy and now these two 'history of the olive tree' books... 'The Olive Route' and 'The Olive Tree'. And now I fancy she's ventured into fiction. I'll definitely be reading the olive books as I'm really enjoying The Olive Route.

Margaret: You've had a busy halfterm too... we've had both grandkids here, good times. Now halfterm is almost over and next week is my husband's operation. Once he's home again things will quieten down considerably.

The Olive Route is definitely one of the most interesting books I've read all year. And her writing is gorgeous. Worth checking out.

Peggy Ann said...

May was a terrible reading month for me! You did good. June isn't looking very good either :( then the grandkids will be here... then I'm off to Scotland again. I'll never make the challenge level at Goodreads like this. Must buckle down! Maybe I need to be more careful with the books I pick up. I need ones that scream do not put me down! Like 'The Woman who Walked into the Sea'! Reading an Aline Templeton that is keeping me at it now.

Kailana said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on The Olive Route!

Cath said...

Peggy: Sometimes life happens. LOL. Grandkids and another trip to Scotland are good reasons for not reading so much. Hope you have a wonderful holiday in Bonnie Scotland. And take photos...

Kelly: I really loved The Olive Route... best non-fiction this year I think.