Wednesday 20 December 2017

My Life in Books 2017

I saw this on Margaret at Booksplease's blog, but I think she saw it elsewhere too. Regardless, you answer the questions with titles from the books you've read this year.

In high school I was: Flirting with French - William Alexander

People might be surprised: (by) Extraordinary People - Peter May

I will never be: The Critic - Peter May

My fantasy job is: (at) The Haunted Library - edited by Tanya Kirk

At the end of a long day I need: The 12.30 from Croydon - Freeman Wills Crofts

I hate it when: (I) Sleep No More - P.D. James

Wish I had: The Little French Guesthouse - Helen Pollard

My family reunions are: Just One Damned Thing After Another - Jodi Taylor

At a party you’d find me with: The Woman in Blue - Elly Griffiths

I’ve never been to: Confession - Martin O'Brien

A happy day includes: Dear Susan - Ben Hartley

Motto I live by: A Life in Questions - Jeremy Paxman

On my bucket list is: The Caves of Perigord - Martin Walker

In my next life, I want to have: A Year in Provence - Peter Mayle

Come on... do this... you know you want to!



DesLily said...

But, but... I read so few books! lol

Cath said...

I don't think 40 is 'so few books', Sis. It's a lot more than most people read and excellent given how your year has been.

BooksPlease said...

Good answers - I like your fantasy job, a bit scary though and a year in Provence sounds delightful! I'm glad you played too.

Peggy Ann said...

Good answers, Cath! I love your family reunion one!

Vintage Reading said...

Heh. Loved the family reunion comment. Merry Christmas!

Val said...

Merry Christmas Cath! xxxx

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Cath,

I have seen a few posts dedicated to this lovely meme, however I just haven't had the time to take part myself this year.

I particularly liked your fantasy job, your family reunions and in your next life, answers.

I hope that you managed to enjoy your Christmas, despite all the coughs and colds. We have both so far avoided any of the bugs which are going around, but it is the law of averages that it will all catch up with us at some time in the near future.

Our Christmas was quite hectic and we spent much of the time travelling between various relatives houses. New Year is going to be a much quieter affair and with a couple of days away from the shop, I can relax and maybe even have a little lie in!

Wishing you and yours a Very Happy New Year :)


Kay said...

Wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year, Cath! Hope you and your family are well and that 2018 will be a great year. I'm back to blogging tomorrow, so feel free to stop by when you get a chance. :-)

Cath said...

Margaret: A Year in Provence does sound quite appealing doesn't it? Hmm...

Peggy: It probably would be like that too...

Nicola: Thank you... as I said, it probably would be that way.

Val: It was nice apart from our rotten colds, which seem strangely reluctant to go.

Yvonne: Glad you enjoyed my answers. I always enjoy doing these daft little memes.

Truthfully, we did have a nice Christmas. I stayed well until the day after Boxing Day so was able to do the cooking with help from my two daughters and grand-daughter.

I hope you're able to have a quiet New Year after all that running around over Christmas. Enjoy your lie-ins.

Happy New year to you too.

Kay: Happy New year to you too. Already popped over to your blog, lovely to have you among us again.

Kailana said...

Fun meme. Happy New Year!

Cath said...

Kelly: Happy New Year to you too!