Monday 13 August 2018

More jigsaw puzzles

It seems I last did a jigsaw puzzle post in February so it's more than time to inflict another one upon you. *Coughs* I've slowed down a bit this past few weeks as summer is always a bit busy with grandkids and the garden. Also I usually do them in our conservatory and it's just been too hot in there for weeks on end; the heatwave has now ended thank goodness.

Anyhoo, a few puzzles (not all) that I've done since February.

These two were charity shop buys, both unopened. They're from W.H. Smith and both 1000 pieces. I tend to think I'm not a cottagey person when it comes to jigsaws but I think I must be lying to myself as I love this kind of nostalgic scene.

I love maps so this 2000 piece one was a joy to do. Quite tricky with all the sea but I like a challenge.

A dear friend was clearing out some puzzles and sent me a lovely surprise parcel of them (the joy!!) and this was one. I loved how difficult it was with all the rigging and the tricky sky.

A painting by Monet which was a gift from one of my daughters (the jigsaw not the painting, sadly) and a lovely collage of American lighthouses, both 1000 pieces.

Another gift from my daughter, a scene of a garden in Thailand. 1000 pieces and quite a challenge with all those hedges that look the same.

Finished this one a couple of days ago. Took me three weeks which is hardly surprising looking at the cartoon picture and how much detail is in it. Loved doing it. 2000 pieces, art by Jan van Haasteren, puzzle by 'Jumbo'.

Sometimes I wonder if I have too many indoor hobbies and ought to get out more and, although I do work in the garden a bit, this is probably the case. The trouble is my natural inclination is to get comfy in my favourite chair with a book, a puzzle, a computer game, or something detective-ish on the TV. I like being outdoors but I don't love it as much as I love being warm and cosy indoors with things that interest me. Something to ponder.



DesLily said...

OMG! you are so fantastic with these!!! love them all! What do you do with them all when you are done??

Cath said...

Take them up and pass them on to my eldest daughter and her husband who like to do puzzles too. I also keep the ones I like to do again *one day*. LOL

DesLily said...

LOL so you "reread" AND "repuzzle"!!! you will never get bored LOL... love you!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

WOW, impressive - you must have a lot of patience:)

Kay said...

Sometimes I wish that I was a puzzle person, but I'm really not. However, I love to look at the pictures of puzzles my friends have completed. So beautiful.

Cath said...

Pat: Nope, never bored, not enough hours in the day to be honest. Certainly not enough to get through my tbr pile. LOL

Diane: I suppose so but I have been doing jigsaws since I was 4 so I've *loads* of practice. :-)

Kay: They're not for everyone... my husband can't see the attraction either!

TracyK said...

Wow, those are huge puzzles. I do really like that one that is a map, the labyrinth hedge does look really tricky. I think I would enjoy puzzles if I had anyone to do them with me.

Cath said...

Tracy: The map one was sheer joy to do, quite tricky but great fun. I do them on my own as my husband is not a puzzler. I find it very relaxing.