Wednesday 6 October 2021

A long weekend in Cornwall

We had our first holiday away from home since the start of lockdown a week or so ago. It was only a long weekend in Penzance but we fitted in a quite a lot, seeing relatives and getting out into the countryside a little. So while I ought to be doing book reviews, instead you're getting a few pics of Penzance and West Penwith in the late September autumn sunshine. 

First up, the sunrise from our hotel room on the first morning. This is looking over Mount's Bay.

Next, a couple of pics of the bay in proper daylight showing the iconic Penzance lido and the sun shining nicely on St. Michael's Mount. I'm a bit smitten with colours in these two.

Next, a walk at a village called Zennor. The church first. Apparently it's called St. Senara, thought to be 1,400 years old but rebuilt in the 12th. century. A carving on one of the pew ends depicts the legend of the Mermaid of Zennor.

Walking the path to the headland next.

And last but not least, the view from the National Trust carpark we stopped at for coffee. It's Cape Cornwall of course, a place we always have to visit whenever we're in my home county.

So there you go, hopefully you enjoyed your quick trip to Cornwall.


Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Amazing shots and I too like the colours in the two photos you particularly highlighted.

We too, have been out and about, but only for day trips and usually first thing in the morning, before the crowds get about. Weymouth, Lyme Regis, Minehead and Watchet are about as far as we have ventured so far. We haven't plucked up the courage to actually stay away anywhere yet! As you can tell, we are both still a little paranoid, even though Dave has had to go back to customer facing appointments, full time in the office!!

Cornwall is one of my most favourite places and is doable in a day if we set off pre-dawn, but perhaps we'll save that for a proper break next year now. We have probably been to 'Cape Cornwall' at some point in our many trips over the years, but I can honestly say I can't remember it, so that's on my list to consciously visit when we do go again!

Nice post, thanks for sharing :)

TracyK said...

Wonderful photos, especially of the countryside. It sounds like a very nice trip, seeing relatives and all.

Pirates of Penzance is one of our favorite Gilbert and Sullivan operas (or operettas?) and it is nice to see what the real location looks like.

Lark said...

Yay for you! I'm so glad you were able to get away for a few days. Your pictures are amazing. I'd love to visit Cornwall someday. :D

Cath said...

Yvonne: Glad you enjoyed my snaps. :-)

The strange thing is that for some reason we did not bother with day trips once we were allowed. I've no idea why, it's quite odd. But now we've taken the plunge and been away we've decided that we do need to get out more for day trips. I don't blame you for being a bit paranoid, so are we. I still wear a mask when I shop and have no interest in crowded gatherings.

Cape Cornwall is much less well known than Land's End but much nicer. It's quieter and much prettier in my opinion. It's near St. Just and well worth a look. There's a NT carpark with refreshments available most of the year.

Thanks for stopping by!

Cath said...

Tracy: The countryside was looking so pretty in the autumn sunshine that I couldn't resist getting my phone out and taking some photos. And that part of Cornwall is an odd mix of little small fields and wild, open moorland.

Yeah, when people say, 'Where are you from?' I always reply, 'Penzance... like the pirates'. :-)

Lark: Thank you, it was really to get away after 18 months. I hope you do manage to get to Cornwall one day.

Sam said...

I love the photos, Cath. They remind me so much right now of some of the British TV series I've been binging on lately. I almost feel like I know what will appear around the next corner after watching those. Happy that you got a nice break...we all need breaks from "reality" these days.

Kay said...

Cath, the colors in all the pictures are glorious! So happy you guys got to take a trip and see these things - and that you shared them with us.

CLM said...

What lovely pictures - especially the multicolored sky in several! It is amazing how liberating it is to travel anywhere, don't you think, let alone a homecoming. I am glad you had fun trip while the weather is still good.

I actually saw The Pirates of Penzance in July. It was my only time in a theatre in 20 months. I really like Gilbert & Sullivan but am not sure I had ever seen it before. There is a production about an hour from me of The 39 Steps which has got great reviews and is closing this weekend. It would be fun to see it but I get enough close proximity to other people at work without seeking it out on weekends.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Beautiful photos, I so enjoyed your brief getaway. We have talked about doing overnights but haven't done so.

Cath said...

Sam: Thank you! So pleased they're reminding you of the British TV series you're watching. Yes, a break from reality is always nice as there's far too much grim reality around at the moment. It's got so that I never expect anything other than 'grim' on the news now.

Kay: Thank you, it's funny how some photos surprise you when you see them 'in the flesh' so to speak. I hadn't expected those colours. It's my pleasure.

Constance: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your recent French trip too. 'So' interesting.

Ok, so now I have to make a confession. I've never seen The Pirates of Penzance. Can you believe that? It's true. LOL

Diane: Thank you. I too enjoy other people's holidays vicariously, it's great fun.

Susan said...

Oooh, Cornwall looks absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to stop there on our trip to England, but we just didn't have time with all the other things we wanted to see. Next time, it's going on the itinerary for sure.

Cath said...

Susan: With a limited amount of time it's impossible to see everything. Hope it's not too long before you can come back.

Peggy Ann said...

Cath, you are so lucky to be able to go there! I'd love to but I'm sure I never will so going with you was a joy!