Friday 1 March 2024

Books read in February

Just about everyone is wondering where February went... not just the old and knackered, like me, 'everyone'. Perhaps time really is speeding up (or I read too much speculative fiction...)

Anyway. Books read in February numbered nine and these are they.

9. The Christie Curse - Victoria Abbott

10. Maiden Voyages - Sian Evans

11. Murder at the Spring Ball - Benedict Brown 

12. Dr. Thorne - Anthony Trollope

13. Northbridge Rectory - Angela Thirkell 

14. The Grand Tour - Agatha Christie.  An enjoyable recounting of the famous author's voyage around the world in 1922 to advertise the upcoming British Empire Exhibition of 1924. Interesting, but not quite as fascinating as I had hoped. Come, Tell Me How You Live and her autobiography are much better examples of her non-fiction writing in my opinion. Mind, the book is based on her letters back to her family so you perhaps wouldn't expect the same kind of writing you get in her books.

15. The Lure of Atlantis: Strange Tales of the Sunken Continent, edited by Michael Wheatley. To be reviewed. Not bad, some good stories and some average ones, as is the norm with short story collections.

16. Murder on Liberty Bay - Dennis Shock. To be reviewed, a fun, cozy mystery novella, set in Washington State and recommended by Margot Kinberg HERE.

17. Breaking Creed - Alex Kava. To be reviewed but it was 'really' good, one of a number of K9 mystery series that are prevalent at the moment. Grabbing books two and three from the library when I can.

So, quite a good reading month. Seven fiction titles, two non-fiction. There was some old-fashioned English village and stately home reading (three books) but other than that I've been right around the world and back again on boats and visited three US states - Florida, Washington state and New York state. Plus, had a good ole poke around looking for Atlantis. Can't ask for more than that. 

So much so that I can't name a favourite book this month. Just a couple were not as good as I was hoping but all the rest were top-notch. 

Current reads are these two:

Both of which are 'dip in and out of' books being slowly read on my KF. I'm really at that 'choose a new book' stage and that comes with my usual dithering and prevaricating. Too much choice. 

I hope you all find lots of brilliant books to read in March and are keeping well.


Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

I have already chosen my selection from the books you provide links to, after reading your previous short review posts, so I am able to focus on the remaining contenders, vying for space on my groaning wish list!

I quite like the sound of the Dennis Shock and Alex Kava mysteries, for when I am in the mood for a quick, cozy read which I don't need to think about too deeply.

Like yourself, I have had quite a mixed reading month, with a couple of storylines which I have really had to follow closely as they have been quite complex, but none which I haven't enjoyed.

I am just finishing off a cozy in a series I have followed from the very first episode, so I have had a relaxing couple of days reading (The Flora Steele Mysteries by Merryn Allingham)

Have a good weekend :)

Lark said...

February did go by in a blur, but I think for me it's because I've been running so tired. I just finished reading Midnight Creed, Kava's newest Ryder Creed mystery and I really liked it. It's one of my favorite series, mostly for Ryder and his dogs. :D Here's hoping March is another good reading month for you.

TracyK said...

Both January and February went fast for me and I cannot get used to the idea it is now March. We are hoping to have two days of rain (today and tomorrow) but we haven't seen much yet.

I had not hear of The Grand Tour. It does sound interesting and if I see a copy at the book sale I will certainly get it.

I will have to check out Murder on Liberty Bay. It looks like all the books in that series are novella length and that would be some good light reading. I look forward to your review.

Margot Kinberg said...

So glad you had a good reading month, Cath, and thank you so much for the shout-out! I'm glad you enjoyed ...Liberty Bay. I must read the Agatha Christie; I've not read nearly as many of her personal stories as I have her fiction, and I should. Here's to a good month of books in March!

Kathy's Corner said...

Hi Cath, Murder On Liberty Bay sounds really good. It's set in the Pacific Northwest and kindle unlimited. I am putting it on my list for March.

Cath said...

Yvonne: The Dennis Shock is certainly a cozy mystery suitable for when you don't want to think too much but the Alex Kava is probably not. It concerns drug running and children smuggling and I found some of the details quite disturbing.

I quite like a mixed reading month to be honest, swings and roundabouts, I doubt reading brilliant books all the time would make us happy. LOL

I have The Bookshop Murder on my Kindle so I must get to that as you love the series so much.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Cath said...

Lark: So delighted because I popped to the library this morning and managed to pick up Silent Creed and Reckless Creed, 'and' they had the book after that when I want it. Thrilled! I may have got the rec for this series from you, if so, 'thank you'! :-)

Cath said...

Tracy: It's crazy that it's March already! It was just Christmas five minutes ago! I do hope you get your rain... in the UK we could do with a little less.

The Cozy Culinary book was fun so I'd like to read more for some light reading. I'm really behind on reviewing but will get to that next week.

Cath said...

Margot: You're most welcome re the shout-out. Agatha Christie's personal stories are very good, although I thought her autobiography was a much more interesting read than The Grand Tour. I think it might be the best biographical book I've read. She lived through some fascinating times.

Cath said...

Kathy: I hope you enjoy Murder on Liberty Bay if you get to it. It's a fun cozy but I thought the characters were very interesting and the setting beautiful.

Kay said...

So nice to have a good reading month, Cath. I did as well, but part of my enjoyment was re-visiting old favorites. I do that now and then (and sometimes more often if it works for me). Haven't read any of the books you read, but we can't read all the books can we? Wish we could, but then I'd likely just forget the stories faster than I already do. Have a good March!!

CLM said...

Breaking Creed sounds like one I would like; I will put it on hold.

I worked at my library from 9-1 today and one of my assignments was to take down the February romance table and find books for a March pun table. I did not know March was a particularly punny month but it was easy to find a bunch of suitable books, including some nonfiction "word" books, a lot of cozy mysteries (maybe that is why I don't like cozies - it seems like they spent more time on the title than the characters), some fantasy and romance. I was pleased when two got checked out right away! (not sure one needs a master's degree in library science for this, however)

Cath said...

Kay: Revisiting old favourite sounds like a lovely way to spend a reading month. I'm not a huge rereader but I have a small bunch of books I reread from time to time, Georgette Heyer, Terry Pratchett, Agatha Christie and so on. We certainly can't read 'all' the books, and what a shame that is!

Cath said...

Constance: I enjoyed Breaking Creed a lot, although it is quite hard hitting in places. I grabbed the next two from the library yesterday, wasn't expecting to see them there and thought I would have to put a reservation in to get them from another branch of the library. Struck lucky,

Is March the month for puns? I had no idea! Oh yes, cosy mysteries would be the way forward for punny titles. The Quiche of Death by M.C. Beaton is one of my favourites. I had no idea she was Marion Chesney who wrote all the historical romances! Not that she's an author I enjoy reading to be honest.