Sunday, 7 December 2014

Show me your book stash post

Carolyn of Riedel Fascination has challenged people who're doing one of her challenges to 'show me your book stash'. In other words take photos of your books wherever they are, on shelves, in piles, propping up the piano, whatever, and put them into a blog post. So, I've duly been around the house and taken some photos of my book shelves.

So here we go then. This first one is a pic I took of the books I intend to read for the 2015 Mount TBR challenge and is one of the shelves here in my study:

Next, another shelf here in my study, mostly a few of my horror books but also a few others:

These are at the top of the stairs facing you as you go up. Mainly reference books, non-fiction, poetry, my Cornish books, but also a few large heavy books that need sturdy shelves to hold them. These shelves were in the house when we moved in.

Next, one of two bookcases in my grandkids' bedroom (the other holds my grandkids' books and you can just see the corner of it). This one holds most of my favourite 'read' books, fantasy, sci-fi and crime. It's double stacked in places but I do still have some room on it.

Another set of shelves here in my study, sundry books with a few classics and Persephones on the bottom shelf.

Lastly, this bookcase is in my bedroom and holds more of my favourite books, Georgette Heyer, Daphne du Maurier, Enid Blyton etc.

So those are most (not all, *cough*) of my bookshelves. Hope you enjoyed this trip around my house looking at some of my book stash.



DesLily said...

LOL! Between you, Chris and I, our whole home would be built of books! lol lol

I've had to get rid of way more books then I ever wanted to but this small apartment just won't hold more. It's a downer but I still try to hang on to the old favorites!

BooksPlease said...

So tidy, Cath! I'm almost ashamed to post photos of any of my shelves, mostly double stacked and books on top too - but I will tomorrow.

I have no space left!

Anonymous said...

What a well-written, fun post. I didn't want the tour to end! I'm dying for people to reaction to my portraits too. Not just challengers but anyone keen on subscribing to my blog, or to me at Goodreads is welcome to join in the prize draw too! Oh, I could look at peoples' homes and shelves all day. I could.

Margaret; I felt the same way about Cath's tidiness! Please be as bold as I was (teetering atop the proper bookcase, on the floor for Pete's sake)... The messier the better! I'm eager for every post that comes in! Yours happily, Carolyn.

Unknown said...

Oh and yesterday? I went to the city and bought more! Hahahahaha.... (Series fillers are a must to read the rest and fine justifications like that). I'm pleased DesLily and others are having a look and commenting. :)

Cath said...

Pat: I know! It's crazy. lol

As long as you get to hold on to your favs, that's the main thing. I got rid of a load but kept the ones I really love. If we ever downsize though a *lot* more will have to go.

Margaret: Can't wait to see yours and really don't care about tidy or not. Mine are tidy because I had such a big clear out last year. It was hard but it's nice to have a bit of space now if I want new ones. Which I nearly always do...

Carolyn: Glad you enjoyed my post. I too could look at people's book shelves all day. Deslily has done a wonderful post here:

And well done for buying more. I hadn't bought any new books in months but suddenly I'm off again. Somebody has to keep the writers and book publishers in business!

Susan said...

Cath: Oh my, I love how you added that wasn't all your books! I feel better. I like how you took us around your house too, to see them. I just had to put all my TBR pile back on the shelves so I could get the Christmas stuff out, so my shelves are all double booked now :-( I need more shelves! I still have books on the floor. I wonder if I did a post that might convince my husband to buy another shelf? lol

Some interesting books you have, I was definitely craning my neck to read titles. Just saying. You go to Pat's house to look at her books, and I'll come to yours!

Cath said...

Susan: Yep... I didn't photograph all the books here in my study for instance. There're some in the sitting-room and even more on the landing...

Yes, I'm sure that would work and T would immediately buy another book shelf. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!

And yes, that sounds like a grand plan to me. Better still, we'll all go around to each 'other's' places together. How much fun would that be!

Peggy Arthurs said...

Lovely shelves, Cath. I don't have room for too many shelves so I am double stacked like crazy and routinely have to re-organize and pass on as I buy more. someday I'll have a bigger house and more shelves!

Penny O'Neill said...

I did enjoy a tour of your books, Cath, and now you compel me to neaten things up.

Cath said...

Peggy: Thank you! To tell the truth I like having a good clear out of the book shelves... there's room for new ones then. :-)

Penny: Pleased to hear you enjoyed the tour. But don't go neatening things up... I am in no way a tidy person!