Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Books read in June

I didn't think I could do any worse in June than I did in May... as regards numbers of books read I mean. Well I proved myself wrong! After reading four in May I've actually dropped to *three* in June. Various reasons - busy in the garden, family stuff and er... jigsaw puzzles. I love doing them and sometimes all I want to do is jigsaw after jigsaw. But to be honest? I think that's fine. You have to do what makes you happy and at the moment it's clearly jigsaw puzzles for me.

Anyway these are the three books I read in June:

31. Fyre by Angie Sage. The last in the author's Septimus Heap books. Delightful read.

32. An Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson. The first in the suthor's Josephine Tey series. I was slightly ambivilent about this one but overall it was an enjoyable read.

33. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Another book I was ambivilent about but overall not a bad read.

So that's me for June. The final book was rather long - 660 pages - and took me a good while to read, so perhaps it's not as terrible as it looks. This month also saw the end of Carl's Once Upon a Time XI challenge, for which I managed to read seven books so I'm quite pleased with that.

My favourite read of these three is this:

I loved the way Angie Sage tied up loads of loose ends but also created an interesting plot with all the usual characters. She has a new offshoot series out now and I need to remember to look for those next time I'm in the library.

And just for fun, here're three new (to me) jigsaws I bought recently from charity shops and eBay:

Happy reading or jigsaw puzzling or whatever else you plan to do in July. Truthfully, I dislike heat, thus July is my least favourite month of the year and anyone looking for me will probably find me indoors sheltering from it. I'm such an old misery! LOL!



DesLily said...

Ohhh my! that night time winter one looks difficult!!!!! lol but I know you will have fun doing it!
you keep making me think I'd like to finish the Angie Sage books but it was so long ago now I think I'd be lost! I need to put up the books I read in May and June.. neither month was a great "number count" so every other month might be worth a blog post lol..

BooksPlease said...

I dislike heat too and it was far too hot yesterday and today is forecast to be even hotter. I guess it's hotter in Devon than here in Northumberland! I just want to stay cool and gardening is torture for me in this weather! Reading in this weather just makes me nod off, so doing jigsaws sounds a better option - those new ones do look good and ones to really puzzle you. I'm amazed you still read 3 books - well 4 really as over 600 pages is like two 'ordinary' books.

Peggy Arthurs said...

The heat has left us and moved over to you guys, Cath! We are getting nothing but rain. Good for reading and yet I've managed only 1 book in June. Same for April. Shame on me. I'll never meet my challenges.

Cath said...

Pat: Yeah, I think that one will be tricky. I might save it to do around Christmas as it's quite Christmassy.

I left it years before I started to read Angie Sage again and I had no problem picking the books up again. The characters came back to me very quickly.

Margaret: We've been lucky down here. Yesterday when it was so hot in the SE it was overcast and not that hot. 'Muggy' but not hot. Today it's quite muggy. I got some gardening done early and it's now raining so that's me for today.

Thank you, I was very pleased to find a few nice ones in charity shops... a lot of them don't appeal.

Peggy: We've been lucky here in the SW... it's not been unbearable... just a bit humid. Raining here today as well.

Some of my challenges are going well... some not so well. Never mind.