Friday 17 October 2008


I'm away for a week from tomorrow but before I toodle off I thought I'd share a few photos. Autumn is my favourite time of year and part of that is because you get such good cobwebs. We had an excellent fog one morning last week so I popped out into the garden to get a few shots. These photos are not fantastic but I had fun finding the webs. Click on the pic for a much larger view.

This is what the day was actually like:

I tried to find a normal shot of the view from our house but this was the most normal I could find. The late sprinkling of snow in April of this year.

Hopefully my home county of Cornwall will provide a few decent photos next week.


DesLily said...

omgosh! lol those first two webs are huge!! I hope the spider that made it isn't! LOL..

have a wonderful time Cath.. I'll miss you while you are gone! I hope your hubby's knee is all better for the trip..

take pics!

Ana S. said...

Those are beautiful! Very RIP-ish too. Thanks for sharing them, Cath. And have a great trip!

Cath said...

Hi Pat. There was an article on the news last week about a couple of foreign, poisonous spiders that are settling in in the UK now that our winters are milder. Made me shudder. I prefer spiders and their webs to be *outside*.

I sent you a quick e.mail today asking how your brother is. I'm guessing you didn't get it?

Hubby's knee is still not that great but is better than it was.

Will speak to you when I get back - November should be a lot quieter!

Hi Nymeth. Yeah, I suppose the pics are a bit RIP-ish - I hadn't thought of that. The foggy day reminded me of that horror story by Stephen King called The Mist. lol!

chrisa511 said...

Ooooh, Cath! Those are amazing! I didn't even know that webs like that first one even really existed, lol. I'm terrified of spiders, but they still manage to amaze me. Picture walking into those things!

Cath said...

Chris: I'm not fond of spiders either so I like to admire their webs from behind a camera. I certainly wouldn't want to walk into one of them. Ugh.

Pat, I don't know whether you've e.mailed me or not as nothing's turned up. No worries. Just wanted to say I hope your brother is better than the last I heard (on Chris's blog I think) a few days ago.

Susie Vereker said...

Lovely cobwebs.

DesLily said...

nope didn't get an email.. :o(

Anonymous said...

I keep getting entangled in webs in the garden, too! Enjoy your break Cath.

Danielle said...

I would LOVE to visit Cornwall some day. Please feel free to share more photos!! Those are some serious cobwebs! The top one especially. It is that time of year now, isn't it!

Nan said...

Terrific pictures!! And that view from your house is just what we Americans dream of when we think of England. Lovely. Hope you have a great time away.

Tara said...

Impressive cobwebs and what a gorgeous view! I envy you all over there, you know.

Cath said...

Susie: Thanks, we have the sort of garden that seems to encourage lots of spiders webs.

Pat - I hate my isp. *sigh*

Nicola: Thanks, we had a lovely break.

Danielle: I'm so lucky really to live so close to Cornwall.
We had a nice break and yes, I have quite a few photos to share.

We're so lucky, Nan, to live on a hill and have such a nice view over the town and surrounding hills. And it's different every day which is what I love about it. We had a lovely time away, thank you.

I envy you too, Tara. LOL. We're watching Stephen Fry's TV series on Sunday nights - he's visiting every state in the USA and I am *so* green with envy.