Monday 2 November 2009

RIP wrap-up

I have no idea where October went. I read twelve books - which for me is amazing - so that probably explains some of it... I was in various other worlds! Something else that also went very quickly this year was R.I.P. IV. We all started just before the end of August and here we are in the blink of an eye - November!

And so another R.I.P. challenge is over and it's time for my wrap-up. It's always sad as this and Carl's Once Upon A Time challenge are two of my favourites and they always go by too quickly!

Anyway, I did Peril the First which was to read four spooky books of your choice. I actually read six and those are as follows:

The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield
We Have Always Lived in the Castle - Shirley Jackson
Endless Night - Agatha Christie
The Man in the Mirror - Susan Hill
Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror - Chris Priestley
Tales of Terror from the Black Ship - Chris Priestley

I enjoyed them all but my favourites were The Thirteenth Tale and the two Chris Priestley books.

I also took part in the...

and read 15 short stories from various sources. My favourite of those (a reread) was Tarnhelm by Hugh Walpole but I also loved the two Sherlock Holmes stories I read - The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire and The Adventure of the Creeping Man.

So that's R.I.P. over for another year. It's been great fun and thanks to Carl for hosting it once again.



DesLily said...

ohh nice shot of the treetops with the "missing leaves".. *sigh* yes, RIP and sept and october just went by with a blink of the eye! now here are the holidays! gads! I think we should run away Cath! ..and we can even take Peter so you aren't too lonesome lol..

Stacy said... had a great month of reading! This looks like such a fun challenge and I had fun just following along seeing all the great reads.

Cath said...

Pat: yeah, all of a sudden everyone's talking about Christmas. *groan* My bags are packed, where shall we go? Hubby can stay and cook Christmas dinner for the family. heheheh.

Book Psmith: Yeah, that's a lot of books for me, I average about six a month normally. I will say though that several were shorter, easy reads.

Unknown said...

Awww, Sherlock. Still my favourite detective. I haven't read either of those two short stories yet, though, which reminds me to pick up my Complete Sherlock Holmes again. Congratulations on finishing (and more!) the challenge! Fall's a great time for reading.

Cath said...

kiirstin: I think Fall is my favourite time of all for reading. And there's something so wonderfully comforting about getting a volume of Sherlock Holmes out and losing yourself in it, enjoying Watson's humour and so on. I'm determined to read more Holmes this autumn.

Kailana said...

Congrats on finishing the challenge! You read some good books!

Cath said...

Thanks, Kailana, I was really happy with all of my RIP books this year.