Thursday, 1 December 2011

Books read in November

November has been a rather good reading month for me. I think it was more fun than usual due to me embarking on a mammoth personal challenge of reading my way around the USA. Of the seven books I read last month four were for this challenge and somehow this fact meant that everything made a lot more sense than usual and I hope this continues.

Anyway, books read in November:

70. The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag - Alan Bradley
71. The Little House on the Prairie - Laura Ingalls Wilder
72. Syren - Angie Sage
73. The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett (a reread)
74. Track of the Cat - Nevada Barr
75. On the Banks of Plum Creek - Laura Ingalls Wilder
76. These is My Words - Nancy Turner

Every one of these was an excellent read but there were two stand-outs: Track of the Cat and These is My Words. I also thoroughly enjoyed the two Laura Ingalls Wilder titles and am so glad I have several more of these to read this winter. Can't wait.

And now it's December and I'm wondering where on earth this year went. Either I'm getting old or time is speeding up! Anyway, I'm not sure how much time I'll have to read this coming month. I start out assuming that December will be a normal month and of course it never is! Christmas looms and time is swallowed up with preparations for that. Add to that that my daughter will have her operation on the 20th. and will then be staying with us, along with our grandson of course, over the holiday season and I don't foresee much in the way of reading time apart from last thing at night. But that's okay, I can start again in the new year, all fresh and raring to go.


Kailana said...

You had a great reading month. I am jealous! November was a bit depressing for me reading-wise. I hope you continue to read great books!

DesLily said...

wow you did good sis!!

well you may not have time to read in december but don't forget skype!!!!!!!!

Cath said...

Kelly: Yeah, not a bad reading month all told. But I can sympathise with you as I lose my reading enthusiasm from time to time and it's not nice.

Pat: Ta muchly. Yep, some good books this month. Feel like I'm reading some good series at the moment, so that helps.

Been cooking up a storm this last couple of days. Exhausted ourselves to be honest but it was necessary. All done now so I'll get my webcam up soon and we can skype properly.

Still gobsmacked at your VLOG!!!

Nan said...

I'm glad that her operation has finally been scheduled. And how nice you can take care of her afterwards in her childhood home. Nothing better. And you'll have the joy of a little one in the house for Christmas. My thoughts will be with you all as she goes through this.

Susan said...

Hi Cath - lovely post, I'm so happy you got to read as much as you did! As you say, December never works out the way we think it will. I have plans for reading!! We'll see...

I am delighted you read the two Laura Ingalls Wilder books, she was one of my favourite writers as a child. I read all the books in the series several times growing up.

I know you will all be relieved when your daughter is through her surgery. My thoughts will be with you on that day, for a successful surgery and quick recovery!

Anonymous said...

"fresh and raring to go". Sounds good to me, Cath. You have had a good month and are inspiring to me to read on.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Cath,

November was a terrible reading month for me, there just seemed to be one thing after the other getting in the way.

December isn't shaping up to be much better. It looks as though we will be out and about over much of the Xmas and New Year period and my voluntary work has gained a life of its own, with the shop being so busy that I am almost there full time.

They say that the older you get, the faster time flies and they sure are right about that!

I have got a couple of author reviews on the go at the moment, so I really need to crack on with those. One is a fantasy novel and the other a psychological thriller, so far the fantasy is turning out to be better than I expected.

Have a great week.


Cath said...

Nan: Yes, we're very happy to have our daughter's op just two weeks away and tomorrow is her pre-op appointment so we're getting there at last. Where we live now is not her childhood home, sadly. We were a banking family and moved around a lot with my husband's job. But we've lived here 9 years and love this house.

Susan: I'm getting my December reading in early! Just finished Merrily Watkins book 2 and now reading Anna Pigeon book 2. Both excellent!

Thanks for your kind words on our daughter's surgery. We'll be so glad to have it behind us.

lifeonthecutoff: I'm rather hoping that 2012 will be a better year to be honest. Reading has kept me sane the last couple of months.

Yvonne: Christmas is usually a very quiet family time for us, not that much 'out and abouting'. And this year will be particularly quiet.

When I worked in a charity shop (CLIC) I tended to find that the more I did the more they wanted me to do. Time came when I had to say, 'No'.

Will check out your blog later. I'm behind with the blogs I read after a busy weekend.