Thursday, 15 November 2012

Llanelli pics

Several weeks ago my husband and myself had a short break in South Wales. Generally we head off to Cardiff, and indeed I still have photos to share from our few days there in August. But in October we went to Llanelli which is further on than Cardiff, the other side of Swansea in fact, and not quite as busy as Wales' capital city. We stayed as usual with Premier Inn who do these amazing offers of £19 a room. One heck of a bargain and no hardship to just pack up and take off for a few days for a change of scenery. We had stayed in Llanelli before, about 3 years ago, but realised very quickly that we'd missed a lot of what it has to offer in the way of coastal walks.

The first thing we discovered was the full extent of something called The Millenium Coastal path. We'd touched on it before but had no idea that it was about 5 miles long and runs from Llanelli to Bury Port. A few photos I took of it: (as always, click on pics for much bigger view)

These two joined together (righthand of first to lefthand of second) give you a good idea of the outlook from the path.

Six swans a-flying, if your eyesight's good enough to see them, and, it being a wild blustery day, a fabulous sky.

Looking back towards the town.

On our first trip we saw signs to a bird reserve but didn't realise it was a Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust reserve. How thick can you be! This visit we realised and went to have a look.

The outlook from the viewing tower, taken through glass so not that great, but the view was stunning.

Beautiful artwork on the walls of the WWT visitor's centre.

The Gower peninsula is right there by Llanelli - Swansea to be precise, but Llanelli is a close neighbour. We took a trip around there on another day, not our first visit, I didn't take many photos but here are a few:

This is Port Eynon Bay, a really rather stunning spot.

St. Cattwgs, the little church in the village of Port Eynon. I liked the statue of the lifeboat man outside.

The view from another part of The Gower across Oxwich Bay.

As always I planned to post just a few photos and ended up posting a lot. I never can choose between one or another and end up going mad. Never mind, South Wales is such a beautiful region, it's well worth the effort.


Val said...


DesLily said...

ohhh nice Cath! I always love when you post photo's from you trips!!!...but of course Merlins Cave remains my all time favorite! lol This the trip you took Jenny?

Kailana said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Christine Harding said...

Lovely photos. It looks a good place to visit.

Cath said...

Val: Thank you!

Pat: No, the trip we took with Jenny was in August, to Cardiff. I haven't posted any of those but will do so in a few weeks when I can't think of anything else to post about. lol

Kelly: Thanks!

Christine: It is a delightful place visit. The whole of the S.Wales coast is gorgeous.

Peggy Ann said...

Thanks for sharing! I feel like I've been to Wales. A place I would love to get to someday but most likely won't. Their language is fascinating to me. I can't I agine how to begin to pronounce their words!

Susan said...

This is the closest I am going to get to Wales for a bit, and so I am gazing at the photos with joy. Funny thing - Port Eynon - that's my maternal great-great grandmother's name! I'm named for her (she was Susannah Eynon). We're from South Wales though, near Cardiff area, that I can find so far.I really enjoyed the pictures of the swans too. All lovely photos, Cath! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip away again, too.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Cath,

Great post, as always. Thanks to various friends and family members, we have explored quite a few areas of Wales.

Rhossili beach on the Gower peninsula, Tenby a little further on round the coast, and Llandudno and Conwy in the far North of the country, are my all time favourites.

Loads of great walking to be had wherever you go.

Thanks for sharing your pics.


Cath said...

Peggy: Glad you enjoyed the pics. Yes, the Welsh language is fascinating and really rather complicated. Beautiful to listen to.

Susan: I think, if I'm not mistaken, that if the name of Eynon is in your family, that probably indicates that at one stage one of your ancestors must have come from there. Perhaps further back than you can go? I'm quite taken aback by you saying that - what a nice connection with my photos. :-)

Yvonne: We know each of the places in Wales that you love, and love those areas too. We used to go to North and mid-Wales quite a lot but these days tend to keep to the south as it's quicker to get to. We hardly knew it before so it's been nice discovering a new area.