Thursday, 1 November 2012

R.I.P. VII wrap-up

I can't believe it's November already and another R.I.P. challenge has come and gone. But it has. R.I.P. VII, hosted by Carl, has been huge fun as always, and I'm always sad when it ends.

The Peril I was going for was:

The aim of this peril was to read four books. I did much better with it than I did with Once Upon a Time in the Spring, and managed to complete my four books and read three more, making seven in all of course.

The titles of the books were:

1. The White Road - John Connolly
2. Mistletoe and Murder - Carolla Dunn
3. Dark Matter - Michelle Paver
4. A Room Full of Bones Elly Griffiths
5. The Black Angel - John Connolly
6. The Unquiet - John Connolly
7. The Reapers - John Connolly

My favourite of those... it's a hard choice because they were all good but really the prize would have to go to The Black Angel. It was creepy, historical and very well written, as all of John Connolly's books are.

It seems the story here is John Connolly's 'Charlie Parker' books! I got hooked on them to the exclusion of almost everything else. I did start a couple of books on my shelf but couldn't get into them - I won't say what they were - the problem being that Connolly's writing is so good that when you've finished one it's hard to find other books which measure up. Never mind. I read seven books for this years R.I.P. and am quite pleased with that result. I haven't blogged about them all as it's been a bit of a busy month and I just haven't had time. Hopefully this month will see things quieten down and I can get back to writing about the books I'm reading.


DesLily said...

Congratulations sis! and hooray for John Connolly eh? lol
It's always good when we really enjoy our books! and especially good when there is more then one of the ones we like so much!

wow..where did this year go??

GeraniumCat said...

I really *will* have to get into John Connolly! I'm also happy to see you list books you haven't managed to blog about, because I'm in the same position :-)

On a non-RIP note, I see your "currently reading" is Narrow Dog to Carcassone - I think I actually cried with laughter at Jim the whippet's exploits. I picked it up in the library and laughed so much at the opening lines that I had to take it straight home and read it. After that, I bought it. Hope you are enjoying it as much as I did!

Cath said...

Pat: Yeah, there're 11 of the Charlie parker books and I've read 7. So I need to slow up now or I'll get to the end and find myself waiting for a new one to come out. I know you know how that feels! LOL

I don't know where this year went. I find it very scary the way the years are speeding up.

Geranium Cat: I'm not sure how I didn't find time to blog about every book, I do most years but there you go.

Ah yes - Narrow Dog to Carcassonne. I was sitting reading it, shaking with laughter, tears rolling down my face and my husband thought I'd run mad. This particular bit was something the author said about why they might not be able to enter France. Only two other authors make me laugh like that and that's Bill Bryson and Terry Pratchett. You know there are two other books, don't you? Narrow Dog to Indian River I've read and loved it too, that's an American trip. And the Wigan Pier one I haven't read but the library has it so I'll be getting that soon (I'm only halfway through Carcassonne).

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Well done, Cath. I really must read the one John Connolly book I have - The Book of Lost Things - have you read that one?

I completed the challenge too, but that wasn't difficult as most of the books I read these days fall into the categories. I find I'm reading more than I have time to write about them. And time is going to get shorter now as Christmas approaches.

chrisa511 said...

You did fantastic!! Love all of that Connolly that you got read! The only thing I've read of his is The Book of Lost Things which I absolutely loved…really need to get to some more!

Cheryl @ Tales of the Marvelous said...

Whew, they all sound like dark and creepy titles!

Nan said...

I love your enthusiasm for this challenge! You have such fun every year.

Cath said...

Margaret: Yes, I have read The Book of Lost Things. It was quite good but I prefer the Charlie Parker series.

Chris: I really think you would like the Charlie Parker books. Do try them at some stage!

Cheryl: They were indeed all dark and creepy... RIP is all about 'dark and creepy'. LOL.

Nan: I think this is the most enjoyable challenge of the year. I have 2 others that I've read nothing for and am going to abandon I think.

LizF said...

Lucky you still having four Charlie Parker books to go before you catch up!

Cath said...

Liz: I'm so lucky aren't I? I have next two on my library pile, the next one being The Lovers I think... I'm saving them for a few weeks because when I've read them all I shall be bereft.