Monday 9 February 2015

Bookish smiles

I'm in the middle of two longish books at the moment - The Virago Book of Women Travellers which is excellent and Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers which is brilliant. Thus, no book review posts from me for a few days. I have a lovely new book which I shall post about but there's a second one on the way *cough* so will wait for that to come and do a 'two new books' post later in the week. So, in the meantime, because I haven't done a bookish smiles post in ages, it must be time to do another one. Most of these I've picked up on Pinterest or Facebook.

And who wouldn't want a book den like this! Art by Hans De Beer (thanks to Val for enlightening me):

Filled with gorgeous books like this perhaps:

And lastly, I love this poem by children's author, Julia Donaldson:

Hope everyone has some brilliant books to read this month of February when it's cold enough in the UK for good soup, good books, and hibernating in front of the fire to be my main preoccupation. If you feel inclined tell me in the comments what you're reading at the moment. Is it good or disappointing? Happy reading.



Kay said...

Loved your little bookish smiles. Especially the one about the character's death. Loved Bert's (it is Bert right? Muppets are quite a ways back for me) reaction.

I'm reading Elly Griffith's A DYING FALL. It occurred to me that she will have a new one out in May and I'm 2 books behind. Must remedy that!

BooksPlease said...

The cat one is great! And I love that poem.

Long books do take a while to read - and to review. I'm wondering what you two new books are ...

Val said...

love these!!!!!
(the little Bear is by Hans de Beer
from one of his books about a liitle polar bear)

Peggy Ann said...

Thanks for the chuckles Cath! I'm reading a really creepy murder mystery. More a psychological mystery I think. The Right Red Hand. It's quite different. Written in 1945. Can't wait to see how it ends!

DesLily said...

so.. one long book at a time isn't enough?! lol I just finished a book and began another..haven't decided yet if this one will stay or not. On my close stack of books I have Touchstone by Laurie R King , which would be a reread if I get to it.

Cath said...

Kay: I don't know whether it's 'Bert' or not as I'm not great at Muppett characters. I just love that one though. The expression...

I really love Elly Griffiths' Ruth Galloway books, hope you're enjoying that one.

Margaret: The poem, I agree, is wonderful.

Well, now it's three books as I just had to order Dorothy L. Sayers', Busman's Holiday, that I don't own, after reading Gaudy Night. I'm hopeless it would seem...

Val: Thanks for letting me know who the artwork is by. I've changed my post to credit him.

Peggy: My pleasure, Peggy. We all need a little cheer from time to time.

I haven't heard of that title so look forward to your thoughts on it.

Pat: Noooo. Well it is now as I finished one of them last night. LOL!

A reread of Touchstone sounds very good to me.

Penny O'Neill said...

These are wonderful! Thanks.
Cemetery Girl by David Bell for next week's book discussion. Last months was Half Broke Horses. Great discussion on that.
I'm also listening to Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon.

Cath said...

Penny: Glad you enjoyed them.

I don't know any of those titles but Home to Holly Springs sounds interesting so I'll look that up in a moment.