Sunday 31 May 2015

Books read in May

As I mentioned in my last post my reading has been rather slow this month. The garden, family, other hobbies have taken up more time than usual. Thus, only four books read in May, although one of those was over 1,000 pages long so really that's the same as three ordinary books... Regardless, four is better than none at all and I'm quite happy with that.

These are the books:

27. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke (I keep wanting to pronouce Mr. Norrell as Mr. Norr-ell as Mr. Drawlight does in the BBC drama. :-))

28. The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie

29. The Dark Horse by Craig Johnson

30. Roman Blood by Steven Saylor

So, one fantasy for the Once Upon a Time IX challenge and three crime tales. Not hard to see where my heart lies these days. A nice mix of crime too, a vintage one, an American one and an historical. Confession: I seem to have read no non-fiction at all this month. Not at all sure how I let that happen but there you go. Despite that I've still managed to learn a bit about the Peninsula war, Waterloo, George III, Wyoming and Ancient Rome. So that's not too shabby.

My favourite book this month? I think it has to be this:

I loved the mix of history and crime, plenty of twists and turns too, and characters I cared about. Can't wait to read more in this series and fancy I may have a new historial subject - Ancient Rome - to immerse myself in. Like I need another one...

So, a slowish month but I enjoyed what I read and that's the main thing. I'm starting this month with a non-fiction, Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes by Robert Louis Stevenson. Also need to read the last of Angie Sage's Septimus Heap books - Fyre - by Friday as my grand-daughter and I are going to see her that evening as part of our town's Literary Festival. The author is taking part in a fantasy book panel. On the Saturday we're attending a crime panel. Should be interesting.

I hope June is a good reading month for you.



BooksPlease said...

Well, I don't think that's slow - yes, 1000 pages is the same as three standard length books! And Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is not at all a quick read. I pronounce Mr Norrell as Mr Norr-ell too. It seems the natural way to me.

I really must get round to reading Steven Saylor's books very soon. And I hope you and your grand-daughter enjoy the Literary Festival.

DesLily said...

oh yeah.. finishing Jonathan Strange gives you a gold star!! lol

ohhhh I enjoyed Angie Sage's Septimus books... I think I just got away from them waiting so long for the next book.. I checked them out just now and I never read the last 2 books...and stupidly gave the others to my son's step son and have no idea what happened to the books . oh well I only did 4 also but none of mine were 1,000 pages! lol

Nan said...

I so love it that you are doing this with your granddaughter. Just wonderful. I hope you'll do a posting afterwards. I've been meaning to read the donkey book for (I can't help myself) donkey's years.

Cath said...

Margaret: Yes, when I think about it like that I really had more of an average month than a slow one.

Looking forward to our Literary Festival events, I just hope they're well attended.

Pat: Oooh, thank you for my gold star.

I've really enjoyed all of the Septimus books. Reading the last one now and hoping to be done in time for Friday evening.

Nan: It's a lovely thing to get to do things with your grandchildren. You have these delights to come as yours get older.