Friday 1 July 2016

Books read in June

Yet another month has come and gone. Is time speeding up or what? June for me has been a month of looking after my husband after his knee replacement surgery. All is going well although the first week home was a bit rough: I have to admit that I underestimated how exhausting it would all be. Thank goodness he's now well on the road to recovery... and then in September we get to do it all again.

With all that was going on I still managed to read six books. These are they:

31. The Olive Route - Carol Drinkwater

32. The Judge's House - Georges Simenon

33. Resorting to Murder edited by Martin Edwards

34. The Serpent Pool - Martin Edwards

35. The Daughter of Time - Josephine Tey (To be reviewed.)

36. The Illustrated Olive Farm - Carol Drinkwater. A companion piece to the author's Olive Farm trilogy (which I haven't read yet). Very nicely written and beautiful photography of the region in Southern France where the farm is.

And so.... four crime books and two non-fiction, all very enjoyable indeed. I don't need difficult reading at the moment and none of these were. Of the 'crime' books two books came out equal as being the most enjoyable and those were, Daughter of Time and The Serpent Pool. But 'overall' my favourite book was this:

Carol Drinkwater's The Olive Route. It deals with the origins and history of the olive tree and I thoroughly enjoyed the author's travels around the countries of the Mediterranean Sea. A truly excellent book.



DesLily said...

wow! I don't know how you managed to read so many books, what with taking care of Peter added to your normal day!! Congrats sis! I finished another Tana French book yesterday and have to write it up. I have come to the conclusion she likes to write books that are all over 400 pages lol.. but she does keep my interest, so I don't mind . so.. onward to more books! lol

Kailana said...

Looks like a great month. Hope July treats you well!

BooksPlease said...

You had a good month of reading and I'm glad your husband's well on the road to recovery now. I enjoyed The Daughter of Time and The Serpent Pool when I read them a few years ago and The Olive Route is definitely tempting me to get a copy! I need to write about my month's books too.

Nan said...

DId I ask you if you've seen the film of The Olive Route? It is on Vimeo, but you have to pay to rent it. I was actually thinking of buying the DVD from her website.

Cath said...

Thanks, Pat. I don't know how I managed that either. I suppose I read a lot while Peter was resting, or in bed before going to sleep.

Kelly: Thank you!

Margaret: Thank you. Yes, he's doing ok, I think it'll be another month or so before he's fully mobile though. I fancy you would enjoy The Olive Route as I know we share a taste for that kind of thoughtful non-fiction,

Nan: No, you didn't. I had absolutely no idea there was a film of the book. I'll look into it.

Nikki in Niagara said...

I haven't read any of the books you mention but they all sound up my alley. Georges Simenon is one of my favourite writers though I haven't got into his Maigret books. I read his psychological books and think they are wonderful!

Cath said...

Nicola: One of these days I must read one or two of Simenon's non-Maigret books. If they're as good as Maigret then I suspect I'm in for a treat.