Friday 20 November 2009

I haz owlz!!!

There's nothing like a surprise package to cheer up your day and I got one yesterday. Deslily at Here, There and Everywhere has become quite famous for two things - her wonderful photos of the pond life where she lives *and* her crocheted toys. They're as cute as ninepence and so, imagine my surprise when I opened my surprise parcel and found these two lovelies...

Aren't they wonderful???

And then someone else decided to get in on the act... Chickotay... (yes, I am rather a big Star Trek fan, how did you guess?):

Not to mention The Three Stooges...

Not that I'm a bird person or anything - I wouldn't want you to get that idea...

Anyway, just to instill a *little* sanity into this post, Deslily also sent me a book! The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher by Kate Summerscale is one I've been wanting to read and as Deslily had finished with hers she passed it onto me.

The other two books are two Christmas anthologies that I want to read this Christmas. The Young Oxford Book of Christmas Stories I picked up in a charity shop, some months ago, and am hoping to read some of the stories with my grandaughter. Christmas Stories, edited by Diana Secker Tesdell, I ordered from Waterstones last Christmas. Unfortunately it took so long to come in that Christmas was over before I got it, so I've been saving it for this year. It includes stories by many classic authors such as Dickens, Conan Doyle, Trollope, Tolstoy, Willa Cather and a few slightly more contemporary ones such as Truman Capote, John Updike, Alice Munro, Muriel Spark, Elizabeth Bowen etc.

Anyway, thanks again, Pat, for my wonderful surprise package. It and the contents put a huge smile on my face and you can rest assured my new owls (I need to think of names now) have lots of company on my book shelves.


DesLily said...

"I haz owlz".. sheesh you've been over at Chris's blog too much lol lol.. of course I am super happy that you love your little owls! Too bad we can't use them like Harry Potter used Hedwig!

gee Cath.. the 3 stooges look a might like some of the Florida birds! lol lol

I do have Dickens Christmas Carol to READ this year finally! Since I think I've seen every version ever made of it with the exception of the new once comeing out with Jim Carey as the voice of Scrooge.

Stacy said...

You haz cute owlz! They look quite at home among their new friends:) Happy holiday reading!

Ana S. said...

lol! Love the title of the post, and the owls are lovely :D Enjoy your anthologies - I gave someone Christmas Stories last year and remember the table of contents being VERY enticing indeed!

Cath said...

Hey Pat! I adore my little owls and thank you again for making them for me.

I suppose they do look like Florida birds... I bought them because I love the way their legs dangle. heh.

I've read A Christmas Carol a couple of times and like it a lot. Seen many versions of it too... even the muppet one! ;-p

Book Psmith: Oh yes, my new owls have settled right in. ;-)

And happy holiday reading to you too. Look forward to hearing about what you read.

Nymeth: I had actually forgotten which authors were in it and got a quite a surprise when I saw... a nice surprise. I'm thinking of trying to read a story a day in December.