Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Garden flowers

Did some work in the garden this morning and then walked around taking a few photos of the early spring blooms. Garden-wise I think this is one of my favourite times of the year when everything is new and green and sparkling somehow, despite the lack of rain in this part of the world just lately.

I'm not actually the biggest Azelea fan in the whole world but even I have to admit that this one is looking stunning this year.

What this is called I have no idea but it too is looking rather impressive.

Posies of primroses next to one of the veg beds. They're sitting amongst what we call 'poached egg plants' which will be out in a few weeks. Hubby would have this untidy little patch out but I refuse to let him touch it!

The apple blossom is almost out, a week should do it I would think.

The helebores, which will be going over soon I imagine.

Think this might be some kind of sea-holly but am not sure. Whatever, the leaves are stunning.

I think this is a dicentra (sp) but we know it as 'Bleeding heart' for obvious reasons. This has to be one of my favourite plants as it just so pretty and delicate.

You can see why I like them so much...

And last but not least the one of the rhodedendrons... it's going over a little now but is ten foot tall and has been giving us a stunning display for a couple of weeks.



DesLily said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Cath!! this is why I miss spring so much.. !

(blogspot is driving me nuts! each time I do username and password it says an error occured and do it again..second time it goes thru.. but this happens EACH AND EVERY TIME I TRY TO LEAVE A COMMENT ON ANY BLOGSPOT JOURNAL! GRRRRRR!

verity said...

What beauitful flowers. I hope that I can do somehting as good when I eventually get a garden - my window box keeping skills don't make it very likely though!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Cath! We are having a great display here in Texas of the wildflowers beside the roads. We can thank all the rain we got in January and February for that.

Hannah Stoneham said...

Oh lovely lovely. Our garden is looking ok too (I have just posted) although your apple blossom is a little more advanced than mine. Lovely lovely post, thank you for sharing


Anonymous said...

How lovely - you must have been working hard.

Sadly we can't grow anything much in our garden - the sea comes up too often!

Jeane said...

Beautiful flowers! And I love that plant withe the variegated leaves- seal holly? one I've never heard of, but pretty for sure!

Cath said...

Hey Pat! Hope Blogspot is behaving itself now. :-( Glad you liked the photos anyway. We have rain today so I wouldn't have been able to take any and for some of the flowers it would be too late tomorrow.

Verity: thank you. Our garden is bigish and a labour of love so it's nice to share pics of some of the displays.

Oh, Kay... how I would *love* to see wild flowers in Texas. How wonderful does that sound!

Hannah: I'm pleased you enjoyed the photos... will pop over and read your post in a moment.

Fleurfisher: Truthfully, it's my husband who is the real gardener... I'm just the skivvy... happy to do weeding and tidying but not much into the planning and so forth. I love doing what I do though.

Yes... I've seen the sea in the gardens in your row often enough to know that what you say is true. They would have to be pretty salt resistant!

Jeane: To tell the truth I'm not sure that plant is a sea holly - will keep an eye on it to see what it does.

Vintage Reading said...

Oh, your garden is stunning Cath. Soon it will be truly warm enough to sit and read outside and admire it!

Cath said...

Nicola: Thank you! The weather is showing very few signs of warming up at the moment - not that I mind as I'm not a huge fan of summer.

MarionG said...

Love the flowers. They are beautiful. Our trees are starting to green up as well as the grass but it's been going down to zero. That's warm for this time of the year. I'm in Edmonton.

Cath said...

MarionG: Thank you. I imagine spring arrives much earlier here in the UK than it does in Edmonton! (What a lovely part of the world to live!) That said, it's still pretty chilly here for May. I'm blaming the volcano! LOL.

Booklogged said...

Lovely pictures. Wish we could grow Azeleas in Utah. The 2nd bush is what we call Bridal Wreath. I love Bleeding Hearts, too. Yours looks so pretty with those yellow & greens close by. Our spring has been a bear this year. Tonight our temps drop to 28 degrees! Happy Spring and Happy Birthday on Friday!

Cath said...

Booklogged: Someone told me the proper name for Bridal Wreath is Spirea... but Bridal Wreath is much prettier. To tell the truth our spring too is much colder than normal. Thanks for my birthday wishes for Saturday.