Sunday, 18 April 2010

A movie and a TV show

I don't usually do movie or TV entertainment type posts as this is, after all, a book blog, but sometimes something is so good you just have to spread the word. And also, I love it when I get this kind of rec from people's blogs. It gives me a dvd to look out for, a movie to go to, or a new TV show to try and find... (the latest of those being the American TV series, 'Castle'. I've heard it's a really fun crime series but it hasn't reached our main channels here in the UK yet, and it's about time it did!)

Anyway. We had our grandaughter here staying last week and as there was nothing on at the movies that was suitable to take her to, I checked out the dvds in the supermarket. In amongst the cheapy section was The Bridge to Terabithia.

This rang a huge bell... I remembered reading a review of a book by the same name and assumed it was the movie of the book. We bought it and settled down to watch one afternoon.

It's about Jesse, a farm boy who lives with his four sisters and mum and dad. They're not at all well off and emotionally anyway, it seems that Jesse is rather neglected, his parents lavishing a lot of care and love on his tweo younger sisters. Jesse is not happy at school either, he's bullied and withdrawn.

Jesse's life changes when Leslie moves in nextdoor. She's the well educated, only child of two writers and she too is lonely as her parents concentrate a lot on their work. Jesse and Leslie become friends and create the imaginary land of Terabithia out in the woods. It's full of adventure, they are the king and queen and get to fight imaginary, frightening creatures. For the first time in his life, Jesse has a friend and someting to live for.

Well, gosh. This was not what I was expecting at all. I was expecting a fantasy story and yes, there is a small fantasy element to it. But really it's all about the friendship between Jesse and Leslie and how friendship can literally change your life. Their school life is featured a lot, and their home life, and it's quite involving to be honest; you get very wrapped up in events and when something tragic happens late in the movie it's quite devastating. I cried.

The acting in this movie was quite something. Jesse is played by Josh Hutcherson and Leslie by AnnaSophia Robb and both put in stellar performances, but the supporting cast is wonderful too.

One thing I would say... it mentions the Narnia film on the cover. Although it doesn't actually say, ' This is like that movie', some might think it is. It's not... not even remotely... it's better actually, a much more personal and touching film.

All in all, I so recommend this movie. I did wonder if it was a bit old for my almost ten year old grandaughter but she sat entranced all through and loved it to bits. We did too and will certainly be watching it again.


And the other thing I have to mention is that DCS Christopher Foyle is back on our screens in the UK. It was cancelled a couple of years ago when the ITV 'Higher Ups' changed... the new head honcho didn't like it or something. But there was a huge public outcry, he left (some say because of this stupidity), and Foyle's War is back. People Power rules! LOL.

Here's Christopher Foyle, played by the wonderful and gorgeous (in my opinion anyway) Michael Kitchen.

And here's a rather nice YouTube vid:

I think Foyle's War could easily be my favourite ever TV series. It's so beautifully acted, so restrained, the productions just beautiful. But also it deals with the awkward stuff about WW2. It never says, 'We're all good and the Germans all bad'. It knows full well that there were horrible people on the allied side as well as on the German side. That horrible things happened here, people sacrificed for nothing, people profitting from the war etc. I love that and am thrilled that the series is now back for a 7th. season and is just as wonderful as ever. For those in the US I gather that PBS are screening it in early May. It's a treat not to be missed.



Anonymous said...

Cath, I read Bridge to Terabithia many years ago when my daughter was young. I remember loving it, but it was a complex story. Haven't seen the movie.

Foyle's War....I love that series. I'm so excited about more episodes and plan to watch in May. It is historical mystery at its best. :-)

DesLily said...

geez.. i don't even see Merlin since they put it on SyFy instead of the channel that bought it and it doesn't even come on until 10 and I am in bed then (the small tv has limited channels and doesn't get SyFy)...I don't know if I get that particular pbs either in there.. i'll do some checking. I watched part of Merlin on line, it's just so tiny to do that.. drives me insane when I have a 46 inch flat screen sitting here !! oh well.. guess I'll live. lol

Cath said...

Kay: I can thoroughly recommend the movie. Deslily, who has also commented, has seen the movie too and liked it.

We've so far seen two new episodes of Foyle's War. The Russian House, which was rather like a spy thriller, and Killing Time which was a story based on the local American army base involving racial tension. Both have been excellent stories, well acted and gripping. You have such a treat in store.

Hey Pat! This Merlin thing is very strange. I thought one of your big networks had bought the first two series and you would have no trouble seeing them. Season 2 started slow as I think I told you, but just got better and better. Very annoying!

Val said...

Micheal Kitchen know Cath I'd agree with you there :0)

Val said...

or even Michael...

Nymeth said...

I loved Bridge to Terabithia the book and have been curious about the movie ever since it came out. Thank you for reminding me of it!

Foyle's War sounds like an absolutely amazing series.

Cath said...

Val: yes... what is it about Michael Kitchen I wonder? Quite a few women seem to like him - and I'm one - but I have no idea why.

Nymeth: the movie is *excellent* and Deslily has told me that it's very faithful to the book.

Foyle's War would be absolutely your kind of TV series. :-)

DesLily said...

if I remember right NBC had bought Merlin.. but now its on SyFy at 10 pm and I don't have that channel in my bedroom.. if I sat up for it I can guarantee I'd have little if any sleep. I'd be going to bed wide awake, toss and turn and maybe get 2 hrs sleep before waking at 5 am...I wish when you got to see these on the computer that they'd give them a little bigger screen area..its on thing to watch 10 min of youtube another to watch an hour show on that small thing! (didn't mean to complain lol..but ya got it anyway hahaha)

Jeane said...

That's one of my favorite books, but I wasn't as thrilled with the movie. They changed a few things, and the fantasy stuff seemed really different from how I imagined it. Not like Narnia at all, I don't know why they made that comparison?

Cath said...

Pat: I don't understand why NBC would spend all that money on a TV show and then not stick with it. It's weird... and annoying for the show's fans!

Jeanne: I was wondering if I ought to read the book and from your comment I think the answer is probably, 'yes'... to experience the different flavour. I liked the movie a lot I have to admit.

LizF said...

Castle is on in the UK. It started about three weeks ago on (I think) Alibi channel on either a Wednesday or Thursday and I quite enjoyed the first episode.
I have to admit that I am pre-disposed to like anything that Nathan Fillon so I wasn't being too critical, but sadly as we have only one TV which gets Sky and don't have Sky Plus, I haven't seen it since. Must make an effort this week!

Cath said...

LizF: We have FreeSky and I don't think we can get Alibi on that - I'll have to check properly. We often get ourselves a set of TV series dvds for Christmas so if Castle comes out on region 2 (fingers crossed) I'll probably do that. Last we year we watched Buffy from Jan to March and it was great fun.

Must take a look at this Nathan Fillon that everyone seems to be talking about... ;-)

Have you got a blog I can visit?

LizF said...

Hi Cath
No I haven't got a blog I'm afraid. I work full time, have two of my four children still at home and look after our grand daughter Amelia who is almost two at weekends and I don't think I could manage the commitment to do a blog properly.
I do love reading some of them, though, yours included although you bloggers don't do much good to my bank balance because there are so many tempting books out there!

Cath said...

LizF: No problem, I just like to visit the blogs of people who are kind enough to leave a comment here, if they have one. I certainly understand busy and you sound particularly so.

Oddly enough I just spotted a comment you left on A Work in Progress - that you're currently reading The Shetland Isles mystery books. I'm currently reading the first one of those myself, Raven Black, and thoroughly enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

I love Foyle's War and I so pleased to see here that it is being revived there. It means awhile before we get the new series here in the States, but, worth the wait.

There is something about Kitchen. I wonder if we like him because we trust him, he is steady and honest and principled. Oh, and then there is that way he tilts his head, just so . . .

We are just now getting Doc Martin and I'm laughing my socks off on Friday nights.

Cath said...

lifeonthecutoff: Just catching up on a few older comments. Been ill for several days. Yes, Foyle's War returned in April, a superb 3 or 4 new episodes dealing with the aftermath of the war, and more to come I think. I don't know what it is about Michael Kitchen... apart from the fact that I happen to think he's rather good looking. LOL.

I hope you're enjoying seeing Cornwall in Doc Martin. Port Isaac is stunning, imo.