Sunday 30 September 2012

Book title meme

I'm behind by two with book reviews but am having a busy, family, weekend so those will have to wait. I just couldn't resist one these 'Answer the question with the title of a book you've read this year' memes. I pinched it from Cathy at Kitling Books and had huge fun choosing the titles.

So, here goes.

1. Every Monday I look like: Damsel in Distress (Carola Dunn)

2. Last time I went to a doctor was because: I am Half Sick of Shadows (Alan Bradley)

3. Last Meal I ate was: In Tearing Haste (edited by Charlotte Mosely)

4. My savings account is: Partnership (Anne McCaffrey)

5. When a creepy guy asks for my number I: Die Laughing (Carola Dunn)

6. Ignorant politicians make me: The Killing Kind (John Connolly)

7. Some people need to spend more time: Living Dangerously (Katie Fforde)

8. My memoir could be titled: Time for the Stars (Robert Heinlein)

9. If I could have, I would've told my teenage self: Stories (edited by Neil
Gaiman and Al Sorrantinio)

10. In five years I hope I am: At Home in Thrush Green (Miss Read)

Go on... have a go. You know you want to...



Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Great answers. I couldn't resist doing this too - and I'm way behind writing reviews as well!

Cathy said...

You did a wonderful job with this. I don't know which of your answers I like the best!

Just so you know, I would comment more on your blog (and many others) but that captcha thing to prove that I'm not a robot does NOT get on well with my eyes. Sometimes I have to re-do the blasted thing 3-4 times, and by then my mood has drastically altered! :-(

lifeonthecutoff said...

What fun!

Cath said...

Margaret: Huge fun... if I see these on anyone's blog I always have a go. There's usually one going round at Christmas I think.

Cathy: Thank you!

The captcha thing is horrible, I know. I've removed it again now, it was only a temporary measure to try to stem the tide of spam for a few weeks.

Penny: It was! :-)

DesLily said...

you do well with these things..I especially like number 6.. there would be a LOT of killing here lately what with election coming soon!

Cath said...

Pat: I love the challenge of finding just the right title.

Your election is fascinating from our perspective. Not so much from your pov I suspect...

Cathy said...

Thanks, Cath. I used to have a problem with spam, but I noticed that almost all the buggers liked to try to hide their junk in old posts, so I set my blog up to need approval on any comments left on posts that are more than 14 days old. Once in a while, someone slips through the gate, but it's very rare. Blogger has stepped up their spam filter, and it works well.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Cath,

What some great answers and a fantastic opportunity for me to see a whole selection of the books you have read and enjoyed this year ... I have added a couple more to my list that got through the net the first time round!

I am not so much behind on my reviews, as not being able to find the time to read very much or very quickly, right now. I think a month or so locked alone in a soundproof room, might just make a start ... no chance of that happening though!

Hope that your family time was enjoyable, catch up soon.


Cath said...

Cathy: My spam seems to be the more modern posts but thinking about it, maybe the 14 day thing might catch mine too. I'll try that I think. Anything's worth a try as it's coming in again fast and furious.

Hi Yvonne! I haven't reviewed every book I've read this year so maybe that's why they didn't come to your attention.

Sorry to hear you're not finding time to read much at the moment. I seem to found my reading muse again, and am pleased about that.

Yes, last weekend was lovely, thanks. Quieter this week as I'm down with a cold and feel like cossetting myself. Ie. sitting quietly with a good book and feeling sorry for myself.

Have a nice weekend!

GeraniumCat said...

Great fun!

Cath said...

Geranium Cat: I'm hoping there'll be another one going around at Christmas or in the New year.