Friday, 25 July 2014

Bookish smiles

I collect these silly bookish bits from all over the place, mainly Pinterest, and as the news is so unendingly grim at the moment I thought I'd share a few to lift the gloom, even it's only a little bit.

My mantra:

Who doesn't love a bit of Harrison Ford?

Still reading a lot of Vintage Crime and this really evokes the age for me:

A cool book cover for those of us finding this heat a bit too much:

A sentiment I think most would agree with at the moment:



Travellin' Penguin said...

The news is grim. I stopped reading Richard Flanagan's book because I don't want to read about WWI prisoners of war right now. Will finish it later.Enjoyed the little posters.

DesLily said...

LOL I few I've seen but most I haven't! Really cute......and ummmm...true! heh.

Cath said...

Pam: Everything is just so awful at the moment and no, I wouldn't want to read about WW1 pows right now either. Glad you enjoyed the posters.

Pat: Yup, some of them are all too true but I'd better not say which. LOL!!

Judith said...

Oh, Pam, I just love each and every one of these. Makes me feel so much better, too; especially the one about "cleaning house" (NOT).

Reading is so much better for one's mental health than cleaning. What use is it? Things only get messy/dirty again.

Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)

Cath said...

Judith: They're fun aren't they... glad I'm not the only one who'd rather read a book than clean the house. LOL. Well, precisely... it does just get messy again as soon as you've finished. I remember seeing a quote somewhere that said something like, 'When you're dead people won't remember you for your clean house.' How true.

Val said...

Love them :0)
you made me smile!

Cath said...

Glad you enjoyed them, Val!

Vintage Reading said...

Love the 'I almost started cleaning my house' poster. I would do so much more cleaning/ironing if I wasn't a reader.

Penny O'Neill said...

What fun these were. :)

Nan said...

I love all of them!

Cath said...

Nicola: Yes... me too!

Penny & Nan: Glad you enjoyed a little bit of silliness. :-)