Saturday 3 October 2015

Jigsaw puzzles

Folllowing up on my recent post where I posted a pic of a jigsaw puzzle I did recently, that I had loved doing, several people seemed interested in this hobby so I thought I would post some pics of my favourites over the past couple of months. This isn't the first time I've posted about jigsaw puzzles but it's a while since I have so it's time. :-)

I found this one in a charity shop and it is a real place... I found out where it was in the summer but have now forgotten again. The puzzle had really odd shapped pieces which I always enjoy in a puzzle.

This is an American puzzle. I can't remember whether my daughter found this in a local library where they have a jigsaw lending section or whether I found it in a charity shop. Whatever, it's always a pleasure to get to do puzzles from across the pond. I believe this is a scene from a NP in Oregon or Washington state.

Another charity shop find, this time the scene is Scottish, Perthshire if I recall. I always grab any snowscenes I find.

Loved doing this one, all the different scenes of seabirds, beach scenes and National Trust properties really appealed and it was like doing dozens of seperate little puzzles.

This is a German puzzle (Ravensburger) so this maybe a German mill scene. Not sure. But I always enjoy doing reflections in puzzles so grabbed this one quick from a charity shop.

Thrilled to find this American fantasy/folklore/history style puzzle in a charity shop! Just my kind of thing and really expensive on Amazon. Huge fun to do.

I don't usually struggle too much with puzzles but this one was really hard. I went wrong numerous times with all those red leaves and couldn't see why. The end result was beautiful though.

So that's a few of the puzzles I've done recently. To be honest it's part of the reason my reading has dropped off a bit but I'm enjoying them immensely and life's far too short to not do what you fancy in your spare time.



DesLily said...

wow! none of those look like "easy puzzles" lol... my girlfriend who I go to thrift shops with loves Ravenburger puzzles. I can tell the puzzle with the Scottish sheep would be hard ! the ground all looks the same! A neighbor from England has a painting similar to that only no snow ,heh. Those are fabulous, I wish I had a second hobby other than reading. my autograph collecting stopped when I moved here. No shows near by.. I miss meeting the celebs and all the people having a good time.. it's infectious. oh well.......... here comes your winter, so enjoy a new puzzle or two!!! xoxox

BooksPlease said...

Some beautiful puzzles and I agree with DesLily they don't look easy. Now the weather is getter colder (lovely and sunny here today!) it's time to get mine out again and see if I can finish the one I started months ago.

Peggy Ann said...

Cath, they are all so lovely. I love the first one with the cows and the one with sheep the most of course! I have collected a large stack of them to do this winter. Really looking forward to getting started.

Jeane said...

Those are some pretty scenes. I see in the first and third one, there are pieces with some completely smooth sides. I like irregular cuts myself, but I've never seen any like that! Is it just that brand/company that makes such puzzle cuts, I wonder?

Cath said...

Pat: Most of them weren't too hard although most puzzles do have difficult sections. Trees are always hard for instance... large areas of grey or blue sky. Which is why I tend avoid puzzles with too much sky. lol

Why is Florida such a wasteland for shows? Loads of people living there... doesn't make sense.

Margaret: Funnily enough I'm doing less puzzling as it gets colder. Although that's probably to do with all the freezing of veggies I'm doing.

Peggy: I thought you would love the Scottish one. Enjoy your stack this winter.

Jeane: I like the irregular cuts too. My current one is like that in fact. Those two you mentioned are Made by House of Puzzles here in the UK. You could check eBay to see if they have any by them. Their puzzles are excellent quality and fun to do. Their website is here:

Penny O'Neill said...

Wonderful, Cath, and you've given me the impetus to crawl under the guest bed (don't tell anyone where I hide things, tee hee) and pull out a jigsaw that has been awaiting completion.

Cath said...

Penny: LOL! Excellent. Have fun with it and post a pic if you do decide to finish it.