Friday 16 December 2016

Mount TBR 2017

Time to sign up for Bev's Mount TBR 2017. I find this an extremely useful challenge to do as it does help me get at least a number of books off the hefty tbr pile on my bookshelves. We won't talk about the fact that I usually end up adding as many new books each year as I read off the pile from previous years. 'The spirit is willing' as they say...

Anyway, go here for the sign up post to Mount TBR 2017 There you'll find a list of the rules and so on.

Challenge Levels:

Pike's Peak: Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s
Mount Blanc: Read 24 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Vancouver: Read 36 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Ararat: Read 48 books from your TBR piles/s
Mt. Kilimanjaro: Read 60 books from your TBR pile/s
El Toro: Read 75 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Everest: Read 100 books from your TBR pile/s
Mount Olympus (Mars): Read 150+ books from your TBR pile/s

This year I did Mont Blanc - 24 books - but given the first month or two of 2017 will be a bit difficult I think I shall go for Pike's Peak - 12 books - and see how I go. It's likely I'll get beyond that but if I don't then it won't matter in the slightest.

Thanks to Bev, as always, for hosting the challenge.



Kailana said...

Good luck getting some books of the ole TBR!

Cath said...

Thanks, Kelly. :-)

BooksPlease said...

Glad you're doing this again, Cath. I think this and the What's In a Name challenges are the only two I'll be doing next year, maybe the Read Scotland one, but I see that it's only going to be on Goodreads and I'm not very good at remembering to update challenges on Goodreads, so I may miss that one.

And every year my total of TBRs either stays the same - or as in this year - goes up. I'm used to that by now.

Cath said...

Margaret: Yes, I'm keeping my challenges to a real bare minimum next year and those I am doing allow for plenty of free choice. Yes, Read Scotland is just on Goodreads by the look of it. Hope I can remember that.

I too have become resigned to the fact that my tbr pile will more or less stay the same. I'd really hate it if I couldn't buy a book I fancied so I don't think that will be changing at any stage. LOL!

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

Hi Cath,

I gave up on challenges which require me even touching my TBR pile long ago - It just isn't going to happen :)

I never even think about the challenges on Goodreads, although I am so pleased that I joined up, as I have been very successful with my share of Giveaway competition wins, which makes any TBR challenge even more futile!

I'm off to check out 'Read Scotland', thanks for the heads up about that.

Have a good Christmas and a happy New Year :)


Cath said...

HI Yvonne. I can understand giving up on challenges... I've cut down on mine hugely over the last couple of years... just don't want to be tied down to reading certain things. I'm down to two now and think that will suit me quite nicely.

Well done on winning books on Goodreads. I've entered a few but not been lucky.

Hope you had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too.