Tuesday 6 December 2016

Read Scotland 2017

As always around this time of year I've been thinking about which reading challenges to do next year. I'd already decided not to do too many as I've been finding it rather confining... I like to be free to read what I fancy rather than having to read for a challenge all the time. I think I've managed to strike a happy medium by keeping the amount of challenges to three. This year I may even cut that back to two, not sure at the moment. The beginning of next year is going to be difficult as my husband's second knee replacement surgery is happening on the 10th. January, so I know from experience that books will not be a priory for at least three or four weeks after that. We'll see how things pan out.

Anyway, one challenge that I have decided to do again, after a gap of a couple of years, is Peggy's Read Scotland 2017. I enjoyed this one when I did it before, plus I do have quite a lot of books about Scotland and by Scottish authors on my TBR pile.

Peggy has a Goodreads group going for the challenge, here. All the info about the various levels of participation is there. I've decided to go for 'The Highlander' which is to read 6 to 10 books between the 1st. January and the 31st. December 2017.

My Goodreads shelf for Scotland is here and I'm hoping to get some of the unread ones off my TBR mountain. Books read can be read for other challenges as well.

Looking forward to taking part and thanks to Peggy for hosting.



Peggy Ann said...

So glad your joining in again Cath! Looking forward to seeing what you read.

Cath said...

Thanks, Peggy. Should be fun.

Val said...

I have & have read 4 of the books on your list and enjoyed them ...I shall be interested to hear which you choose to read and then wait and see what you think of them ...I read so little compared to the past that I have to choose wisely and I do enjoy your reviews when making decisions, I find them very useful! Thank you

Cath said...

Thanks, Val... so nice of you to say. So pleased you find my ramblings of some use when choosing what to read. :-)