Wednesday 10 July 2019

Six in Six 2019

The 'Six in Six' meme was started by Jo at The Book Jotter in 2012. I've never done the meme before, often intended to, but never quite got around to it. This year I thought I'd pull my finger out and actually do it.

Jo's 2019 post is here.

What is it all about?

The idea being that as the end of June approaches and we are then halfway through the year, let us share the books we have read in those first 6 months. In fact let’s share 6 books in 6 categories, or if time is of the essence then simply share just 6 books. Whatever combination works for you as long as it involves 6 books. Of course the same book can obviously feature in more than one category.

The categories are listed in Jo's post.

What do I need to post?

Simply choose six of the categories and list six books under that category. Some bloggers use pictures, some put excerpts of reviews. The main thing being it is six categories and six books. Of course if you want to do a shorter version, then just post something about six books you have read in the first six months of 2018.

I'm going to use pictures to illustrate my choices.

The first category I've chosen is:

Six books from the non-fiction shelf.

Six book covers I love:

(Strange that these are all murder mysteries.)

Six authors I have not read before:

Six trips to Europe:

Six books that are related to the Great or Second World war:

Six authors I read last year - but not so far this year

Well that was fun! I hope lots of other people will join in and share what they've been reading for the first 6 months of 2019.



DesLily said...

I haven't even read that many books this year yet!!.. sigh... gunna haveta call you Speedy Gonzales !!

Kay said...

This was fun and it did remind me that I want to read The Birdwatcher. Thanks for that! I'm also considering a 'binge-read' of Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak books soon. Been thinking about cold locations and Alaska fits. Ha!

Nan said...

A beautiful way to do it! And I thank you because it inspired me to do the six in six. I have Lovell's The Sisters about the Mitfords, and I MUST read it soon. They must be the very most interesting family ever. It must have been you who got me to read Fire in the Thatch. How I loved it! I bought To Oldly Go a while back!

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

It looks really good using the book covers! One of the things I like about doing this is that there are so many categories to choose - and you've chosen 6 different ones from me.

Cath said...

Pat: LOL... I wish. Peter reads three times as many books as me. Mind he doesn't have to write reviews and nor does he read book blogs or do social media. That should tell me something...

Kay: The Birdwatcher was excellent but I haven't continued with the series because this book was a sort of prequel and I wasn't keen on the female detective who will head the proper series. Well, Dana Stabenow definitely presses the 'cold' button. I love that series, must get on with it.

Nan: I'll go and have a look at your post in a moment. The Mitford sisters book is still my favourite book of the year so far. It's big but so readable and interesting it didn't feel that long at all. Wasn't Fire in the Thatch excellent? I have several more books by her to read. Ah, I see you've bought To Oldly Go, I was thinking of sending you my copy... I should've been quicker off the mark... never mind.

Margaret: And it was fun doing it too. I'll go and check out your post in a moment, I didn't see it on my blog roll.

Cath said...

Pat, Kay, Nan and Margaret: As I was sitting here answering your lovely comments I was thinking how nice it would be if we were all in a tea shop together now, drinking tea (or coffee of course) eating cake and chatting about books. :-)

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Yes, that would be lovely!

TracyK said...

I did this meme back in 2012, the year I started blogging. It is a nice look back at the first half of the year. I like the topics you chose. The last one is interesting. I was just looking at your review of Voyage of the Basilisk yesterday and thinking I would like to try that series.

Cath said...

Tracy: The Lady Trent books are something a bit different to my normal crime fare. They read like a Victorian lady writing her memoirs, there's not a great deal of dragon action, they're more in the line of fantasy travel writing, which appeals to me with my love of travel books.

TracyK said...

Another blogger had reviewed the first book in the series sometime in the last year and that got me interested initially. The only thing that held me back then (and now) is the price of the books. [And I already have a huge backlog of unread books.] I had the impression that there were drawings throughout the books. Is that true?

Jo said...

Thank you very much for joining in. More to add to my every growing list.

Cath said...

Tracy: I agree wholeheartedly about the price of the books. I don't know why they're so dear. Yes, there are some drawings throughout the book, not heaps but a few. And the covers are undoubtedly gorgeous.

Jo: My pleasure, I really enjoyed doing it.