Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Cornish beaches

We were down in Cornwall for the first week of the month and took some time off from personal stuff to take in a few local beaches. It wasn't the weather for swimming, unless you own a wetsuit and a surfboard, which I most definitely do not, so picture taking was the order of the day (and cups of hot tea and pasties in little caf├ęs of course). Anyway, I thought I'd share a few Cornish beaches here because how can you ever have enough pics of the Atlantic in all its moods? As always 'click' for a much bigger and better view of the pics.

First up, the St. Agnes life saving club (we think) was having a practice.

And a lovely Golden Lab was having so much fun.

The beach and village of Porthtowan from the hill.

Storm clouds at The Lizard.

The lovely beach and village of Coverack on The Lizard peninsula.

The harbour:

Porthleven next. This is the church in the iconic 'stormy Cornwall' pic you see so often, with the massive waves washing over the top of it. But not that day...

On our last day in Cornwall we just had to go to Cape Cornwall. We always do it, I don't know why, family roots and memories I suspect.

And lastly, from Cape Cornwall Sennen Cove is but a 15 minute drive.

Looking back at The Cape from Sennen.

From these photos it looks like the weather was lovely all week. It wasn't, it was rough and stormy and wet a lot of the time, we just picked our moments to get out, mainly the mornings, and spent wet afternoons mooching or with family.



Nan said...

Thank you for these! Such a treat! We went there in 1977 after we were married. Stayed in Lamorna Cove. I just bought a DVD, and we've just begun watching - Fisherman's Friend. It is lovely and set in Port Isaac.

DesLily said...

I am always glad when you go to Cornwall that you post photo's!!! Really sorry the weather wasn't so good. Did you see Poldark running around?? lol

I didn't get to miss the fact you weren't around a lot as I was back up by the Smoky Mts for a week with Cathy.. we got extremely lucky weather-wise ... Beautiful mornings in the 60's and no humidity.. my lungs got shocked at cool fresh air! lol Pictures will follow.. xoxoxoxoxox

Kay said...

Cath, I had forgotten that you were from Cornwall. Such wonderful pictures and thanks so much for sharing them with us! My relationship with Cornwall comes from all those books I read back in my younger days. I think the first one I read that was set there was Victoria Holt's BRIDE OF PENDORRIC. I loved that book and now I think I must read it again since it has been decades since I read it.

Margaret @ BooksPlease said...

Lovely photos - and yes it does look like the weather was lovely all week, with many blue skies! We used to go to Cornwall a lot years ago and loved it. Last week we were in the North Yorkshire Moors where the weather was mixed - days of glorious sunshine interspersed with one day of constant rain and cloudy days.

Cath said...

Nan: In 1977 I had had my second daughter and was living in Keynsham, between Bath and Bristol. It feels like eons ago! I must try to see The Fisherman's Friend, as I gather it's great fun.

Pat: Glad you enjoy my photos. Nope... guessing Poldark was sheltering from all the rain. LOL

I love that you got to go to The Great Smokies again. So delighted for you. Your friend Cathy is wonderful. Enjoying your pics on FB.

Kay: My pleasure I'm glad you enjoyed them.

Oh gosh, The Bride of Pendorric takes me back, I *loved* Victoria Holt's books back in the 70s and 80s, (apparently she was also Jean Plaidy, which really surprised me when I found out not that long ago). Back then I was also in love with Frenchman's Creek by Daphne du Maurier, the ultimate Cornish book for me. But there are others.

Margaret: Thank you. It felt like a wet week but really it was about half and half, often changing at mid-day, apart from just one day when it was fine all day. I didn't mind though as I like changeable, autumnal weather.

A week on the North Yorkshire Moors sounds idyllic to me!

Susan said...

Gorgeous! We were just in New England and the ocean was the same way - rough and grey. It poured down rain most of the time, but when it was clear, it was beautiful!

Cath said...

Susan: I love that it's the same ocean we're talking about here. :-)