Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Books read in April

April was a slightly busier month for me than the first three months of the year and that resulted in less books read. In all, this month I read six books and these are they:

31. Thirteenth Child by Patricia Wrede

32. Huntingtower by John Buchan

33. The Red House Mystery by A.A. Milne

34. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

35. Lost Things by Jo Graham and Melissa Scott

36. What Makes this Book so Great by Jo Walton (To be reviewed)

A bit of a mixed bag quality-wise. Some really good books and some average ones (I tend to stop reading if the book is very bad). Only one non-fiction but hey... one is better than none at all. :-)

A favourite is, as always, tricky. I loved Huntingtower and The Red House Mystery, two books I would recommend to anybody who enjoys 1920s and 30s literature. But really I think the prize for best read of the month has to be a draw between these two books:

The Gaiman book is a perfect little fantasy and the Jo Walton book of essays on rereading classic science fiction is a perfect *big* book for sci-fi fans to use as a sort of reference book for recs and discussion of books they've already enjoyed. I like it so much I want my own copy as I know I'll go back to it again and again for thoughts and ideas.



DesLily said...

yup gunna have to get the Gaiman book lol... you seem to be reading more than usual this year, looking like you might break your own record!!

I did better this month 4..but none bigger then 350 pgs. month before was least I don't give up even if it's only one!

Cath said...

Pat: The Gaiman book is a *super* read.

Yeah, a bit more than usual, due to finding some good books I think. Slowed down a bit this month though. Had to happen. LOL

You did really great this month! And you're going great guns with OUaT too.

Barbara C. said...

I found The Red House Mystery on Librivox and thought it was great!

Susan said...

I just got the Gaiman book from the library! It only took a year, lol. I'm excited to finally get to read it. Otherwise, I had a dreadful reading month, only read two books. I'm not sure what happened since I was doing so well until now. You did really well despite the distractions, Cath!

I'm delighted you enjoyed the Gaiman and the Walton books so much. I'm hoping the Walton book comes out in softcover soon so I can just buy it. As you say, the book is a good reference book and so much in it, that it can be referred to over and over. I'm looking forward to your review of it.

I read the first Anna Dean mystery! that was one of the two I read this month! lol so thanks so much for telling me about it. I did enjoy it - really liked it. I will be reviewing it shortly.

BooksPlease said...

You did well in a busy month! I can see I really will have to read Gaiman's books. I have watched Coraline with the grandchildren - scary stuff!

TracyK said...

I am reading the Jo Walton book but I will get through it at a much slower pace. I was surprised that it was so heavy on fantasy and sci fi... don't ask me why, I know that is mainly what she writes and reads. But she writes so well I really don't care what she writes about. And I am sure I will pick up on new books in those areas to try.

I want to read The Red House Mystery, maybe this year.

Cath said...

Barbara C: Pleased you enjoyed it.

Susan: I hope you find it was worth the wait. LOL. Yeah, some months are just like that. Hope May is less busy for you.

The Anna Dean books get better and better, such convoluted little mysteries.

Margaret: Thank you. Yes, Coraline was quite a scary movie!

Tracy: The Jo Walton is best taken slowly. Yes, her 'thing' is sci-fi and fantasy but there are also mentions of other books and authors. Not many, but some.