Monday 21 January 2008

To read or not to read?

I suddenly realised that I was close to the end of January and the finish of the Seafaring challenge. As I still have one book to read I set Kim aside for later (barely started anyway) and started on The Whale Road by Robert Low. I'm about 80 pages in and struggling. I can't decide whether I can't concentrate because real life is a little difficult at the moment or whether I genuinely don't like the book. It's an historical about Vikings and very 'blokey' if you know what I mean by that? A lot of blood and gore and such, I even had dreams about it the other night and not very nice ones either! Actually, I could settle for three books for this challenge as it isn't one where you 'have' to read a set number of books. We'll see. I think it may be a time when I need to read whatever I fancy rather than force on myself something that I'm just not in the mood for.

On the other hand I'm really enjoying Trollope the Traveller edited by Graham Handley. Lots of fun and very interesting. Here's one little snippet - bear in mind that Trollope worked for the Post Office all his life:

I have said that the cross mail conveyances in Canada did not seem to be very closely bound as to time; but they are regulated by clock-work in comparison with some of them in the United States. 'Are you going this morning?' I said to a mail-driver in Vermont. 'I thought you always started in the evening.' 'Wa'll; I guess I do. But it rained some last night, so I jist stayed at home.' I do not know that I have ever felt more shocked in my life, and I could hardly keep my tongue off the man. The mails, however, would have paid no respect to me in Vermont, and I was obliged to walk away crestfallen.

LOL! A joy of a read. These are just selected writings and I think I may have to see if the actual book of his travels in the USA and Canada is available to buy.


BooksPlease said...

'Trollope the Traveller' sounds interesting. I have, but have only dipped into it, Trollope's 'Autobiography'. He certainly travelled to many countries and amazingly, he had nine months leave from the Post Office to visit America in 1862/3. I must settle down some time and read it properly! I'd also like to read 'Trollope the Traveller' if it's available.

Cath said...

Funnily enough, I saw Trollope's autobiography in the library yesterday but as I was already holding three sturdy tomes I thought I'd leave it for another time. I got my copy of 'Trollope the Traveller' from eBay, one of those 'on a whim' purchases that has worked out perfectly. I see it's available on Amazon though or you're very welcome to borrow mine when or if you decide to read it. Nan and I will be reading The Warden next month. I expect you've read it but if you haven't you're very welcome to join us.

DesLily said...

hey Cath: I just got a hardback "like new" copy of Justice Hall by Laurie R King! Paid a whole 2.50 (plus shipping) for it! Waiting for O jerusulem I ordered used for only 3.00!! woohoo!

I hope you got a good price on ebay for that book!

Cath said...

Great finds, Pat. I'm missing old Sherlock so plan to read A Monstrous Regiment of Women next month. I need my fix. LOL!

Did you see my comment about the movie of Inkheart?

DesLily said...

about it being delayed??? if so, yes and I responded that it's too long to wait! lol I hope that they change their minds, I sure want to see it and March would be just fine!

Nan said...

I can see into the future. I'll just read Trollope till the end of my days, once I begin next month. :<) How did he do all that writing, plus work, plus travel? People like this amaze me.

Susan said...

Hi Cath - I tagged you for a book meme. No need to thank me :) Check it out at

Cath said...

Hi Nan. I don't know how but some people just seem to be able to pack a lot into their lives. I live life in the slower lane. :-)

Someone said Trollope wrote 47 novels, so what with those and his travel writings you probably could read him till the end of your days. LOL!

Susan: Looking froward to doing the meme!