Wednesday 24 September 2014

A jig-saw puzzle post

Well autumn is here and as is often the case my mind turns to cosy pursuits like doing jig-saw puzzles. I think I've said before that I've been doing them since I was four or five and have never lost my love of them. I even managed to marry a chap whose 'mother' loved to do them. How's that for convenient? And now I share mine with my daughter and her husband and they give me theirs to do as well. It's always nice to have a hobby that your family shares.

Anyway, I know a few people who read this blog also do puzzles so here're a few of the ones I've been doing over the past weeks. As always, click for a larger view.

This 1000 piece puzzle is called 'Spring at The Tulip Walk, Mainau, Lake Constance' which is a lake on the river Rhine in Germany. I gather the tulip walk on this island is rather famous - hardly surprising. This was a lovely puzzle to do, quite hard, but I had the help of my grand-daughter to complete it.

This lovely autumn scene was borrowed from my daughter. Another 1000 piece one. The photo is of the Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire, owned by the National Trust. If you go to the site and wait for the slide-show to go through it does show a view a bit similar to this. I gather then that this estate must be famous for its autumn colour. This was another nice one to do, quite difficult as a lot of the colours are similar of course. But it's gorgeous when complete.

Another shared one, 1,250 pieces, and a charity shop buy. It had a piece missing but that's ok, I knew about it so that's fine. Again it was enjoyable to do. It's called The Astronomer by a certain artist. Unfortunately I've given the puzzle back and can't remember the name. But it certainly was a really fun puzzle to do.

Finally, I took a photo of some of the ones I still had to do (before I did the tree one).

It looks like I have hours of peaceful enjoyment ahead.

And thanks to a couple of online friends posting links recently I've discovered two nifty jig-saw puzzle sites:


I rather suspect there may be others too. I should warn... these sites are *very* addictive!



DesLily said...

wow, Cath, they are great! of course I love anything "in the woods" but the Astronomer on looks difficult... not to mention how many pieces! Have you ever made a two sided puzzle?

BooksPlease said...

So beautiful! We used to live not far from the Ashridge Estate in the Chilterns - the autumn colours are wonderful just as the jigsaw shows. I do miss the woods.

Penny O'Neill said...

Oh, these are scrumptious! (can a puzzle be scrumptious?) . I have a 1,000 piecer puzzle have finished under a bed, collecting dust. Hmmmm. . . I should take it out and finally finish it, Cath.
Those sites may get me into more trouble. :)

Peggy Ann said...

Great Cath! I love the autumn scene. I have 2 stacks waiting for me for the winter. I haven't started on them yet but I've been thinking about it!

Cath said...

Pat: The autumn woods one was the hardest I think. All those similar colours. Nope, never done a 2 sided one. Wouldn't mind having a go but my eyes are not what thet were, sadly.

Margaret: Oh, what a coincidence that you used to live near the Ashridge Estate! I don't know that area at all so one of these days I hope to persuade my husband that we should take a short break that way.

Penny: Yes, in my opinion, a jig-saw puzzle can be scrumptious. Those virtual jig-saw sites are 'addictive'. Be warned. ;-)

Peggy: That autumn scene puzzle is so pretty, I agree. How wonderful to have 2 stacks waiting for you to be in the jig-saw mood!

Susan said...

Beautiful jigsaw puzzles, Cath!

Cath said...

Thanks, Susan. And I'm now addicted to online ones as well. LOL