Friday 30 September 2016

Books read in September

October begins tomorrow and autumn is well and truly with us. My garden has these in abundance:

Although I'm only happy with the creatures that make these staying outside thank you very much.

In other news my reading has been quite good this month, six books read and these are they:

46. Poirot and Me - David Suchet

47. Carved in Bone - Jefferson Bass

48. The Labours of Hercules - Agatha Christie

49. Sight Unseen - Robert Goddard

50. The Old Ways - Robert MacFarlane

51. A Shadow on the Wall - Jonathan Aycliffe

All of these were enjoyable reads. None of them were standout 'wonderful' but if pushed I would choose this as my favourite:

I liked the settings, the mystery and the addition of historical detail. Will definitely read more books by Robert Goddard.

Onwards now into October, one of my favourite, if not 'the' favourite, months.



Kailana said...

Hopefully something will wow you this month!

DesLily said...

gosh you read a lot lady .lol! I was better than I have been in Sept. and read 5!! I do believe I am reading one of your already read books right now...Carved in Bone. Enjoying it very much! Glad you had such a good reading month!

BooksPlease said...

A nice mix of books - hope you find a 'wonderful' book in October, or better still more than one.

The garden spiders are doing well!

Cath said...

Kailana: It would be nice.

Pat: Five is excellent! Oh yes, Carved in Bone, I read that this past month. It's pretty good, hope you're enjoying it.

Margaret: I hope so.

We dead headed and cut the herbs right back so now the poor spiders have nowhere to put their webs in that spot. I feel quite guilty.

TracyK said...

The Robert Goddard sounds most interesting to me. I read a recent book he wrote that is part of a trilogy, and while it was a decent read, I think I would prefer one of his standalone books. I have two or three of his to sample and I look forward to them.

Peggy Ann said...

Nice selection of books, Cath. Robert Goddard sounds really interesting to me. Have not heard of him before.

Cath said...

Tracy: The Goddard book was excellent. The writing is especially good in my opinion.

Peggy: Goddard is a really good author.