Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Knightshaye's Court

We had a lovely stroll at our local National Trust property, Knightshaye's Court, on Sunday morning, and I took a few photos. Gardens only, for once we didn't go anywhere near the big house.

We were too early for the walled, kitchen garden unfortunately, so we toodled off elsewhere and never did go back - we plan to within the next week or two.

A small meadow of what I think are ox-eye daisies.

A closer look.

Fallen branches in the woods.

The ferns in the woods were stunning.

Originally this was the stable block but now houses the National Trust's shop and cafeteria etc.

One of the many vistas to be seen from the gardens.

The pond - it was alive with swallows going after all the insects. If you click on the pic you can just see one of them between two clumps of yellow flowers.

Another form of wildlife... our grandson enjoying his new hobby of fence-climbing.

Fungi growing on a tree. Not sure what this type is called but it was layered like shelves. I asked Hubby to lift me up to take a better photo but he didn't seem all that keen...

Another vista which sort of shows where we live... we're to the left of that communications mast on the edge of the woods - somewhere in that block of white houses, probably behind that big tree.

And here endeth your trip to darkest Devon for today.


monix said...

Gorgeous pictures, Cath. I still haven't visited Knightshayes Court, every planned trip has been called off for one reason or another. The next projected visit is in two weeks time and your photos are spurring me on to go even if it rains.

Grandson looks like a little charmer with a touch of mischief to keep you on your toes!

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

What great photos, like something from a book. Your grandson looks like a handful --very cute.

Kailana said...

That's fantastic, Cath! I want to go there now. :)

Shanra said...

Oooh. We call those fungi 'fairy benches' (and/or 'squirrel's bread', I think, from the look of it) over here.

Those are utterly gorgeous pictures, Cath! (Of course it does very little to lessen my desire to move to somewhere in the British Isles... *sigh*)

At least I'm close enough for affordable holidays when I can afford them.

It looks like you had a wonderful day. ^-^

Cath said...

It's a lovely spot, M. The people who owned it were the Heathcoat-Amorys and they built it so they could look down on their textile factory. I hope you manage to get a trip there eventually.

Yes, the grandson is a real charmer but also quite impish. We have to be quite firm with him as none of us want a delinquent in years to come.

Diane: Knighthayes is quite manicured so photos of it always look quite swish. It's not down to my brilliance at photography, I can assure you!

The grandson is cute as ninepence and knows it, even at the tender age of two. He's a handful but we're well up to the challenge.

Kailana: maybe you will one day. :-)

Shanra: I love the name 'fairy benches'. How absolutely delightful! (I'm 56 going on 8!)

Yes, you're not too far to come over for holidays, we see a lot of Netherlands' car registrations around so a lot of your countrymen do.

Tara said...

Gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing these. Your grandson is adorable!

Cath said...

Glad you like the photos, Tara. And thanks, he's a pretty special little boy to all our family.

Ana S. said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Cath!

Danielle said...

Thanks for sharing the photos--everything's so lush and green!

Cath said...

Thanks, Nymeth, glad you like them.

Danielle: yes, I have to admit, it's worth putting up with all our rain to have such a green and lush countryside in the spring and summer.

Shanra said...

*grins* We stumble upon some fun words occasionally. ^-~

*makes face* Unfortunately, they do. When I was on vacation in Wales a few years back, it felt like such a relief when we finally stayed at a place without Dutch people! (But then I'm weird like that. Made my summer to have store people mistake me for a native speaker. But then that was a great summer anyway.)

Vipula said...

These photos are simply gorgeous :) and the weather also looks really nice and comfortable

Cath said...

Shanra: LOL! We see a *lot* of Dutch registration plates on the motorways here in the SW. It's a long trip from The Netherlands to here so I suppose they must think it's worth the trip!

Vipula: It was a little hot that particular week but quite nice to be out in the gardens taking a casual stroll.

Shanra said...

I can assure you, it is more than worth the trip! (I just wish it wasn't such widely known knowledge. *sniff* I'm trying to convince my parents to move to Great Britain somewhere after they retire... It's not going to happen, but I can certainly dream!)