Saturday 26 September 2009

Reading bliss

A cup of tea
A quiet nook
A cookie and
A picture book
A lump of sugar
On my spoon -
Now that's a perfect afternoon.

~~Eileen Spinelli~~

Sounds good to me... well maybe not the lump of sugar and I'm about to start The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield rather than a picture book... but still the essence of a nice quiet afternoon is in those words. Our grandson is spending the night with us tonight but until he arrives at five, I'm off for my 'perfect afternoon'.


Kailana said...

I CAN'T wait to hear what you think about The Thirteenth Tale. I loved that book!

DesLily said...

me too kelly! I hope you are having a restful afternoon Cath!

Vintage Reading said...

Hope you enjoy The Thirteenth Tale as much as I did. Lovely gothic opening to this novel.

Cath said...

Kailana: am loving it so far. Only up to page 90 but have all kinds of questions.

Pat: very quiet this afternoon and am cracking on with the book. Making myself take a short break or I'll seize up from sitting in the chair all afternoon. lol.

Nicola: I think this is going to be a favourite read of the year and I'm not even at page 100 yet. I love the setting of both the book shop and Vida Winter's house. It's a pageturner that's for certain.

Susan said...

Bliss is right. I love that poem! I hope you loved it, and the book. It's next up for me too!!

Ana S. said...

The Thirteenth Tale was such a satisfying read. Enjoy!

Cath said...

Susan, the little poem is cute isn't it? It was this weekend's quote on a little desk calendar I have on the theme of 'tea'. So appropriate for me for this weekend. I can't wait to hear what you think when you get to The Thirteeth Tale. I'm cracking on with it and finding it fascinating.

Thanks, Nymeth, I certainly am enjoying it.